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HB 4 makes radical changes to New Mexico election law, but RPNM offers ways for voters to get involved and offset the vulnerabilities created by this bill.

On Wednesday, the progressive voting bill, HB 4, passed the Senate floor and will be heading to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law after a concurrence vote in the New Mexico House of Representatives.

The Republican Party of New Mexico opposes this legislation that creates a permanent absentee ballot system that, once opted into, will mail out ballots for every election without being requested, sets up automatic voter registration without consent, mandates drop boxes in every county, and restores the voting rights to felons who have not completed their parole. RPNM hopes the passing of HB 4 will engage voters to take action in their local communities to protect the security and integrity of New Mexico elections.

RPNM Second Vice Chair and Executive Director (North) Leticia Munoz issued the following statement:
“I know voters feel discouraged by the passing of HB 4 and, frankly, the passing of many other bills this session that will harm our children, small businesses, and private healthcare. We cannot sit on the sidelines and lament. Now is an opportunity for Republicans and voters who aren’t happy with New Mexico’s direction to act.

At RPNM, our focus continues to be having meaningful conversations with New Mexicans through our Voter Resource Team, getting volunteers equipped for voter registration outreach at their local churches, gun shops and schools, door knocking, getting people out to vote early and on election day, and ensuring we have Republicans as poll workers and poll challengers.

We urge concerned voters to contact RPNM so our Voter Resource Team can empower them with the tools needed to promote election integrity and outreach in their community. If enough people get involved, we can not only offset any ill intent within this bill; we can overcome it.”

  • More ppl voting is scary says:

    Why is RPNM opposed to this bill?

    Will making the absentee ballot system easier make it more likely for New Mexicans to be able to caste a ballot? Why is that scary or progressive?

    Why should there be a single NM County that doesn’t have a ballot drop off box? It would seem that all NM residence regardless of the county they reside in should have access to a ballot drop box? Should New Mexicans have access to the vote in rural counties? Is absentee ballots only for urban voters? Why are Republicans afraid of boxes and balloons?

    It seems to me that the GOP has a problem with Americans voting and they get upset when more people have access to the vote or that access is made easier. Why? Is it because the GOP’s ideas are a century old and no one with a brain in their head cares for them?

    Elections have consequences. RPNM and the GOP as a whole are loosers and they want to prevent Americans from voting so that they will have a better chance at winning elections without having to fixing their party.

    Conservatives are all about finding ways to restrict the vote, exclude Americans from the democratic process rather than trying to appeal to a majority of voters. It’s pathetic, disgusting and un-American.

    • Take Action NOW says:

      “We urge concerned voters to contact RPNM so our Voter Resource Team can empower them with the tools needed to promote election integrity and outreach in their community.”

      (505) 298-3662

      Every Republican needs to call this number and ask to talk to the Voter Resource Team at RPNM!

      I called and, after asking repeatedly for a donation, they explained to me that the only reason Trump lost in 2020 and that RPNM lost so badly in the 2022 midterms is because of voter fraud! And we let minorities and women and even the sick or elderly vote using absentee ballots!

      RPNM further explained that since this bill is on it’s way to the Governor’s desk that the only thing we can do about at this point is outside of the democratic process.

      It is time to follow Salomon Pena’s good example and shoot up ABQ, his election was stolen! Or we can follow Couy Griffin’s example and start an insurrection against the United States of America!

      Listen to Trump and RPNM, our elections have no integrity there is no point in voting anymore. Normal things like voting and donating to political parties will not cut it anymore. Get out there in your community and demand that they end all elections! Or at least move to a system where GOP leaders get to pre-approve voters.

    • Dan says:

      I think it is the idea of deceased people voting and people voting for other people (sometimes without their knowledge or consent that scares most people). It happens everywhere unfortunately even if government officials deny that it does. That is not democracy. To solely say this a GOP concern does not seem accurate. Many moderate democrats and independent voters would likely agree that voter fraud is a New Mexico and United States citizen concern.

      • Dan the Man says:

        Dan, is so right. They can switch your vote using satellites and the voting machines!

        Don’t vote, it’s the only way you can be sure your vote won’t be switched.

      • Danny Boy says:

        If voter fraud is “everywhere” and at any significant scale to sway elections it shouldn’t be hard to provide evidence?

        Yet, there never is evidence…just a bunch of Fox News talking heads with “theories”.

        What is now an established fact is that Fox leadership and host including Tucker Carlson knew Trump’s election denials where total bs in November 2020!

        Yet they lied and are still lying to gullible Conservatives like Danny boy.

        The problem with American democracy isn’t fraud, it’s election denialism aka the big lie.

  • Ballot Reaper says:

    Democrats are better at the underhanded election practice of ballot harvesting.

    In this process, Democrats: signal their values and ideas to voters, help register voters in areas where they believe they have strong support, encourage voters to get to the polls or vote absentee, and finally after all that dirty work neutral election workers “harvest” the votes at the polls or ballot drop boxes count and record the votes in a transparent process.

    The process of Ballot Harvesting must be stopped! Do your part by NOT VOTING. If you don’t vote the Democrats wont be able to switch your vote using the satellites and voting machines.

  • Elections are a scam says:

    Our elections cannot be secured. The Republican Party has been calling US Elections fraudulent since 2020 and casting doubt on their integrity for much longer.

    Yet, no progress has been made to secure them? How did the GOP let this happen? First the most powerful man in the world during 2020, Donald J. Trump, has his erection stolen and Republicans in Congress, state government, and the courts repeatedly failed to stopped the steal!

    Then the GOP gets clobbered in the 2022 midterms, having not learned how to stop this very obvious election fraud. We had elections stolen from Solomon Pena and others in RPNM in 2022.

    Conservatives cannot trust the GOP to secure elections the only option is to protest the vote and sit out elections. If we cannot trust the election system then we shouldn’t participate in it.

  • JH Cole says:

    Lots of reasons in this “Statement” for moderates to leave the NM GOP.

    Previous commentators explain reasons to support wider access to voting and ignore lies about fraud and lack of election security, so let’s look at another problem: The dangerous MAGA equation of guns with faith:

    The 2nd VC specifies the “‘. . . Voter Resource Team, getting volunteers equipped for voter registration outreach at their local churches, gun shops and schools. . . .” That’s like loser Yvette Herrell’s “God, Guns and Trump!” plus kids too young to vote.

    If this keeps up, real conservatives will register as independents.

  • JH Cole says:


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