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The Republican Party of New Mexico supports the growing grassroots referendum effort.

  • What is a referendum? 

A referendum is a process within the New Mexico Constitution of repealing certain laws passed by the legislature by garnering petition signatures to bring the legislation to a public vote which will determine the approval or rejection of that law.

These are the laws that this referendum effort is specifically addressing:


HB 7 – Creates a prohibition against local pro-life ordinances and forces teachers, doctors, and public employees to facilitate elective abortions & transgender procedures for children without parental notification.


HB 4 – Creates a permanent mail-in ballot list, permanent drop boxes and gives voting rights to felons who are still on parole.


SB 13 – Shelters abortion and “gender-affirming” providers from legal ramifications.


SB 180 – Creates sweeping election changes that may weaken election transparency.


SB 397 – Opens access to radical medical procedures on students in schools without permission from consenting adults.


HB 207 – Adds a modified definition of gender to the protected classes in New Mexico Human Rights Act opening the door for biological men to have protected access to women only facilities.


The image below shows how many signatures each county requires in order to bring these laws to a public vote.

Here’s how you can sign:

Step 1

Locate your precinct number on your voter card OR look up your precinct HERE.

Step 2

Download & print your county’s referendum petition HERE

Each county file has all 6 petitions. 

Print each petition in landscape, front and back. The affidavit must be on the back.

Step 3

Fill out the front of each petition and sign the back. 

Please print your full name, complete address, including city and zip code, and the precinct number that you located in Step 1.

Sign each of the six petitions ONLY ONE TIME.

By signing the back of the petition, you are making a legal statement certifying the signers’ information.

Step 4

Mail your signed petition to:

Referendum Project
P.O. Box 3188 
Roswell, NM  88202

For more information and resources regarding this referendum effort, click HERE.

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