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Las Cruces, NM, December 3 — The Republican Party of New Mexico’s State Central Committee today re-elected Steve Pearce as RPNM chairman. Chairman Pearce’s new two-year term begins immediately, and he will lead the state party through the 2024 election. 
The State Central Committee members also elected seven other Republican Party of New Mexico officers, including Vice-Chairs, Congressional District Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer.  Those new officeholders will serve under Pearce for two years.
The voting was conducted by paper ballot; candidates were allowed to witness the hand counting of ballots.

In the race for RPNM Chairman Pearce won with 55.2 percent of the vote.

Sarah Jane Allen received 20.7 percent; Robert Aragon received 13.2 percent, Eddy Aragon received 10.4 percent and Rodney Tahe received 0.5 percent of the vote.

Chairman Pearce issued the following statement regarding his re-election:

“This was a spirited campaign, and I thank the grassroots Republican leaders from across New Mexico for trusting me to lead for another term as RPNM chairman. An overwhelming number of these leaders agree that our data-driven approach to identifying and turning out conservative leaning voters is working, proven by the fact that Republican candidates are getting closer and closer to defeating the Democrats in competitive races.

“Turning New Mexico red is a marathon, not a sprint, and as we look toward 2024, I am excited about helping our future Republican nominees be successful in their campaigns.”

SCC members also elected the following RPNM officers during today’s meeting. 

1st Vice-Chair: Amy Barela

2nd Vice-Chair: Leticia Munoz-Kaminski

CD 1 Vice-Chair: Donelle Inventor

CD 2 Vice-Chair: Rebecca Dow

CD 3 Vice-Chair: Drew Denger

Secretary: Mari Trujillo Spinelli

Treasurer: Kim Kvamme 

On their election, Chairman Pearce added, “I am so pleased that Republicans chose this outstanding team of young and diverse leaders who represent the future of our party.”

The Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) advances the ideals of individual liberties for the advancement of its citizens and the greater prosperity of our communities throughout New Mexico. Led by an Executive Board and its Chairman, former NM Congressman Steve Pearce, RPNM serves all New Mexicans via its headquarters in Albuquerque and can be contacted at (505) 298-3662.

  • Constitutional Conservative says:

    Where does RPNM stand on terminating the Constitution?


    A man cannot serve two masters.

  • JH Cole says:

    This is sad news. During Mr. Pearce’s term the GOP’s relevance has shrunk and he has yet to admit any mistakes or propose new strategies. He has not offered a way to lead the Party forward without Trump the Loser or to reeducate his MAGA base.

    Someone commented in a local paper that active Republicans probably would vote for Mr. Pearce even if he was dead, and that could be true. With him at the helm the party soon might be dead.

    • Hang him up, hang him up! says:

      Pierce should be tride for his crimes against the American people like the fake electors scheme he was involved in and hung until dead.

      Save Mike Pence, hang Steve and the Trump traitors.

  • Mike C says:

    And you will continue too not be successful with teachings of dear leader 45. I am tired of the RPNM parroting the message of that individual, campaign on something other than victimhood. Maybe have some ideas on how to improve education and the economy, other than drill baby drill.

    • Just say No says:

      Mike, you are soot on. The GOP hasn’t had a policy game since Ronald Reagan.

      They are just the party of NO. Clogging up Congress for 30 years because they would hate to loose face if the lives of Americans were improved through.

      They are 100% defined by what they are against because they are for nothing.

  • seldomseensmith says:

    Steve Pearce is a trumpet sucking conspiracy theorist

  • Claire Kerven says:

    Tom Renz, lawyer, just reported that Missouri is trying to pass a bill that would require that the public be informed if vaccines, meds, foods
    might/would change the DNA in humans. If it is passed in MO. it should really apply to all American. But why not pass such a bill in New Mexico?

  • Dennis P. Marks says:

    Why can’t TorC get any fed. Infrastructure for its water system ??

  • Dennis P. Marks says:

    Spoke on Alamogordo radio,years ago with Steve Pierce about the Lincoln NF. mismanagement.

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