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Albuquerque, May 10—Tonight’s KRQE-TV Congressional debate between Sen. Mark Moores and Rep. Melanie Stansbury again proved to voters that the Republican candidate is the only qualified contender in this race. 
Moores and Stansbury squared off, addressing such key issues as crime, police reform, immigration, education, the pandemic, and the economy.
Moores openly exposed Stansbury as a hypocrite and a radical whose policies would be dangerous for New Mexico. He revealed she supports defunding police, closing prisons, and eliminating ICE. Moores showed Stansbury is simply out of touch with New Mexico.
Stansbury appeared overwhelmed by the issues, fumbled for facts and was unable to turn to policy or her record to make a point. She was weak, confused, and clearly out of her league when it came to understanding the needs of hurting New Mexicans.
Moores pointed out again and again that Stansbury is a tax-and-spend liberal who doesn’t support small businesses or identify with the struggles of average New Mexicans.
By contrast, Moores was confident, well-prepared, and provided strong answers. He spoke from experience and proved to viewers that he understands the issues and what’s at stake for New Mexicans. Moores provided facts and offered sensible solutions to serious problems facing the state.
Moores demonstrated how his conservative agenda will make New Mexico a stronger and more productive state, while Stansbury’s radical views would lead to more debt, failure, and embarrassment for New Mexico.

“Mark has shown in three debates this past week that his political experience and vast knowledge of our state will make him an effective New Mexico Congressman. Mark will represent our state well in Washington and get the job done. He cares about our citizens, understands our rich culture and history, and will support policies in Washington that will bring positive change for New Mexicans. Mark will crackdown on crime, support our police, protect our oil and gas industry, stand up for our small businesses and do what’s right to defend our freedoms and protect our citizens.”

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  • Michelle Jurras Mayberry says:

    We MUST turn NM RED. The joebiden Regime is enacting the most radical policies of the left. I only hope there will be an American left to turn RED in 2022.
    We, also, need to return to paper ballots.
    Our corrupt governor needs to be OUT, as well.
    Enough with her unconstitutional “laws”.

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