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Democratic Party's selection of Congressional candidate demonstrates a commitment to a radical agenda that will keep hurting New Mexico.

Albuquerque, March 31—The election this evening of State Rep. Melanie Stansbury as the Democratic Party’s CD-1 candidate proves that Democrats are focused on a leftist agenda that will continue to devastate New Mexico.

For years progressive Democrats have ruined our state with wild spending like drunken sailors, out-of-control taxation, constant attacks on our vital oil and gas industry, and a blatant disregard for a much-needed return to traditional and sensible New Mexico values.

The decision to pick Stansbury, a California-style progressive, shows that Democrats are determined to continue on this path in Washington. She backs legislation that destroys jobs, cripples our economy, and heavily taxes New Mexicans. This won’t change on Capitol Hill.

“Rep. Stansbury is one of the most radical lawmakers in this state. She is simply out of touch with the needs of New Mexico. It’s imperative that voters understand that her views are anti-New Mexico. She wants to ban fracking, supports anti-law enforcement legislation, and consistently pushes for more spending and higher taxes on our constituents. She systematically votes with lawmakers who support leftist policies. In Washington Stansbury would vote for similar radical policies that align with the most extreme elements of the Democratic Party, and this will cause irreparable damage to our great state. Our economy and way of life will be threatened. Is this who New Mexicans want representing them in Washington?”

Pearce went on to say the choice is clear: Sen. Mark Moores will best represent New Mexicans in the 1st Congressional District.

“Mark is an experienced lawmaker who understands the needs of his constituents, will adhere to fiscal responsibility, protect small businesses, protect our rights and freedoms and promote New Mexico to bring more jobs and prosperity to our great state.”

The special Congressional election is June 1.

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