RPNM Demands Gov. Office Apology After Disgusting “Death Cult” Tweet

Posted On April 16, 2020

In an absurd and offensive way to shift attention from the struggles of locally-owned mom and pop businesses competing against national chains, the Governor and her Office have stooped to a new low. The Republican Party is demanding an apology from the Governor’s Office after Communications Director, Tripp Stelnicki, referred to RPNM and Republicans as a “Death Cult.” This outrageous tweet, suggesting that Republicans want to get more New Mexicans to contract COVID-19, is shocking and disgraceful. The tweet shows to what lengths the Governor’s Office will go to scare the public and politicize the pandemic. The tweet is disgusting and twisted, and the Governor’s Office is way out of line with this monstrous claim. Nothing is further from the truth. First, here’s the tweet:
This revolting statement blatantly says that Republicans want New Mexicans to become sick and die from COVID-19. This is sick.

RPNM has repeatedly stated that the health and safety of all New Mexicans is first and foremost. 

We believe social distancing at small businesses and establishments can responsibly be achieved. We can protect our citizens while continuing everyday life and business here in our great state. Again, RPNM  believes  that the health and wellness of New Mexicans are paramount. 

The Governor’s Office tweet is false, disgusting and the Party demands an apology.

In addition, there has been at least one media report that’s been perpetuating these false statements through the Governor’s Office that Republicans want to spread COVID-19. For example, one television report stated the following when getting a response to a GOP call for more flexibility for hospitals to care for more patients:

“In response to the letter, the governor’s spokesman stated the Republicans have painted an inaccurate picture of the situation inside hospitals. He said their calls to open parts of the state is advocating for further spread of the virus.”

Here’s the story from KOB.

It is irresponsible for the media to make false claims from the Governor’s Office that promote fearmongering. 

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