Republican Party of New Mexico Response to President Trump’s Impeachment Trial Acquittal

Posted On February 5, 2020

The U.S. Senate today officially acquitted President Trump, finally putting to an end what’s been a shameful display of political theater by Democrats in Washington.

This impeachment sham has cost the taxpayers not only money and time, but has deprived Congress of any serious and meaningful work that could have benefited New Mexico and other Americans.

The progressives had hijacked the Democratic Party and know they will lose the presidential election in 2020, so they turned to the only alternative to facing the president in November–and that was to try to remove him from office. Now the only recourse for the Democrats is at the polls.

During the impeachment farce, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Ca) allowed no Republican witnesses while bringing in 17 Democrat witnesses.

Even with that charade, he could provide no concrete evidence. He chose not to subpoena any witnesses, then demanded Senate Republicans subpoena them. His partisan, manufactured case with made-up rules and false claims fell flat in front of the American people and in front of the Senate.

The Senators voting for acquittal listened to the House managers make their case and determined that the President committed no impeachable act. Hopefully, the Senate vote to acquit will put this partisan spectacle behind us.

“It’s time to move forward and continue to build on the President’s success in growing jobs, fighting terrorism, improving healthcare for all Americans and making America great again,” said Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce.

It’s disappointing that New Mexico’s progressive Congressional delegation has done virtually nothing this past year, merely jumping on board the Democratic bandwagon to impeach President Trump. Ben Ray Lujan, Xochitl Torres Small and Deb Haaland have failed this state, and the Republican Party will help win New Mexico for the President this fall.


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