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JUNE 4—The Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman, Steve Pearce, has issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s executive order, which is laughably aimed at addressing border security

“President Biden’s border executive order is pure political theater, and nothing he announced today will actually ‘shut down’ the border or ‘limit’ asylum claims. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. The order demands a minimum of 2,500 illegal apprehensions daily over the course of a week before his asylum restrictions even kick in. Even if fully enforced, this would still allow for at least 1.8 million illegal immigrants to enter America each year.

In short, President Biden is attempting to make the unprecedented border influx a permanent situation.

During his first 100 days, President Biden took more than 94 executive actions to weaken border security and immigration. These actions included reversing President Trump’s border security policies, such as stopping the construction of the border wall and ending ‘Remain in Mexico,’ which had been effective.

President Biden was asked last week if he thinks he was wrong to reverse all of President Trump’s border security measures, leading to an invasion of over 9.6 million illegal immigrants crossing into the United States since he’s been in office. Biden responded, ‘If I was wrong, it was because I took too long.’

Democratic Representatives, including Gabe Vasquez, Melanie Stansbury, Teresa Leger Fernandez, and Senator Martin Heinrich, consistently voted against significant border legislation, such as H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act—the most comprehensive border security bill in recent history. Instead, they championed purported border bills that will not close the border and legitimize the unprecedented levels of influx being encountered daily.

President Biden could enact real measures today, halting the influx of fentanyl, criminal acts, and cartel activity pouring through New Mexico’s open border. Instead, he resorts to political posturing and sadly New Mexicans will suffer for it. The only way to achieve real border security is to elect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot in November.”
  • Humpty Dumpty says:

    Trump has already failed on border security 2016-2020. He promised to build the wall and lied.

    Trump told Little Mike Johnson in the House to kill the best border bill in a generation just a few weeks back so that he could continue to make empty promises about it during his doomed campaign.

    The Republicans can’t stop criminals in their own party from taking over said party, why would anyone trust them with national security issues or the border?

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