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Dear Voters,

There are only 10 days left of early voting for the June Primary. During these final days, the Republican Party of New Mexico is urging all New Mexicans to report any incidents they may experience while voting.

RPNM has established an online form and a hotline for reporting any voting incidents around the state, including early in-person, absentee, or on election day.

  • To report an incident through our online form, click HERE.

Recently, RPNM was alerted that voters in Bernalillo County had received multiple absentee ballots. We immediately alerted the Secretary of State, and the Bernalillo County Clerk is resolving the issue to make sure the ballots are not counted twice, according to a statement to KRQE.

You can read that article here: Error leads to 452 duplicate absentee ballots being sent to Bernalillo County voters (

You can also watch the news broadcast below:

Protecting the integrity of our elections is crucial, and this is why RPNM is calling on all voters to promptly report any incidents so that we are able to help in any way possible.

Other ways you can protect your vote is by ensuring your registration is still active, mapping out three voting locations, or checking on the status of your absentee ballot.

You can take all of those actions HERE.
Login and choose your option from the side bar. (see image below)

All early voting sites are open until June 1st. Election Day is Tuesday, June 4th.

  • BallotBS says:

    Why should Republicans vote? No ones vote counts, its all rigged.

    The Democrats STOLE 2020 presidential election from Trump! While he was sitting in the most powerful office on the planet! With a Republican controlled Congress, SCOTUS, and many many sympathetic governors, MLG excluded of course.

    If Democrats can still an election from a sitting president that everyone loves so much what chance does Trump have now that he is out of office and neck deep in criminal trials?

    Trump himself has already said he will not believe the election results if he looses, he knows they have already rigged it against him again!

    THERE IS NO POINT IN VOTING. The only way to catch THEM is by not voting. If enough Republicans boycott the election it will be obvious when they cheat because the numbers of votes for Hailey or later Biden will exceed the number of votes cast.

    Bottom line is don’t believe in American institutions like democracy, elections, courts, the Constitution, or the rule of law, believe in Trump and Trump alone.

    • Staying home says:

      I agree that there is no point in voting in the primary election. Our party has already decided to nominate a felonious looser, all the other candidates have dropped out.

      If you care about down ballot races there may be a point to voting but at this point I have to question the judgement and courage of every republican leader and candidate that is still sticking with Trump.

      We are witnessing the collapse of the Republican party and its because of the weakness of GOP leaders and their inability to stand up to Trump and his cultist.

    • 2+2=5 says:

      I don’t understand why 2020 wasn’t overturned? I know January 6th failed because Mike Pence thinks he knows better than Trump, but why didn’t Trump bring forth all the evidence of voter fraud in court? Why did the recounts and vote audits not find anything?

      This doesn’t make sense to me. Are Democrats such criminal masterminds that they steal elections right under our noses and leave NO EVIDENCE!?

  • Dark Brandon says:

    Should America allow a party that doesn’t believe in democracy to participate in elections?

    Its time for Reconstruction 2.0

    The GOP should be dissolved.

  • JH Cole says:

    Only rarely does someone catch a ballot error in NM before the Secretary of State or county clerks do, and no one can point to an instance where they let a mistake slide. We’re probably the safest state in the country for voting integrity, accuracy and transparency, and that’s with some of the widest access to voting.

    Mr. Pearce and his cronies are probably just promoting suspicion as an excuse for when they get clobbered in November. However, even most Republicans aren’t gullible enough to believe them.

  • Side with Election Workers says:

    We should be proud of and support our election officials. RPNM is trying to stir up doubt and throw shade on the good people of NM that run our elections.

    I hope MAGA in New Mexico doesn’t committee political violence again this election cycle. If they do, RPNM and its baseless insinuations of election cheating will be to blame.

    Remember the MAGA political violence of 2022, and brace yourselves. The election lies of Republicans have real world consequences. We need some real accountability.

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