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Dear Friends,

The team at the Republican Party of New Mexico and I extend our most heartfelt wishes to all for a joyous and blessed Easter.

Even though our homes are decorated with bunnies and eggs, let us remember that this holiday celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through his sacrifice, we have all been granted victory over sin and life everlasting.

As we face these difficult times in our nation, let us look to our faith to guide us through and help us overcome our tests and trials. Let us take comfort in knowing that good will overcome evil and light will overcome darkness.

My prayer for you this Easter is that you will be surrounded by family, enjoy a comforting meal, and take hope in the new beginnings that lie ahead.

At RPNM, we value each and every one of you and are grateful for your commitment to seeing Republicans succeed. It is an honor to serve you as Chairman.


Chairman Pearce

  • JH Cole says:

    This is a curiously sectarian message from a political party which desperately needs new voters. Approximately 25% of New Mexicans do not identify as Christian–to say nothing of the vast majority of people on the planet–yet Mr. Pearce preaches to his base in a way guaranteed to irritate, not attract, those not already in the choir.

    Democrats hope the GOP keeps Mr. Pearce at the helm of the sinking ship.

  • Darrell says:

    Thank you Chairman Pearce. This is much better than trans day, any day.

  • Average American Christian says:

    Why do we always have to talk about that poor Palestinian leftist SJW twice a year? Must we really celebrate his birth and death? Cant we just focus on the important parts of Christmas and Easter, by buying stuff and stuffing our faces?

    Twice a year when I go to church my pastor is always going on and on about this 1st Century SJW: some homeless, poor, criminal agitator, radical egalitarian hippie who spent years sleeping outdoors with 12 other dudes, sounds gay.

    I am tired of being lecture about how I should love my neighbors and strangers.

    If JC came back today, I bet he wouldn’t even help us stone trans people or build the wall, pathetic and weak!

    If America is going to be come a strong Christian nation then we need STRONG leaders. We cant be diluted with this peace and love bs.

    It’s 2024 and time for an alter call. Send RPNM your tithes or give them directly to our savior Donald J. Trump!

    Remember a man cannot serve two masters, lets ride ourselves of the past and embrace a new chapter in Christianity.

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