The 2024 Republican State Pre-Primary Convention & State Central Committee Meeting—Register HERE.


ALBUQUERQUE, NM, March 2— Today, the Republican Party of New Mexico held its 2024 Pre-Primary Convention at Hotel Albuquerque with approximately 700 attendees, including delegates and guests. Nearly 500 delegates selected from their counties across the state voted by paper ballot for the GOP U.S. House and Senate candidates who will appear on the June primary ballot. Three of the statewide GOP positions are uncontested. The uncontested races are Nella Domenici for U.S. Senate, Yvette Herrel for U.S. Representative of Congressional District 2, and Sharon Clahchischilliage for U.S. Representative of Congressional District 3. Two GOP candidates, Louie Sanchez and Steve Jones, are running for U.S. Representative of Congressional District 1. Candidates must receive at least 20% of the delegates’ vote to appear on the primary ballot. A candidate who does not receive 20% of the vote may still appear on the primary ballot by collecting additional petition signatures. Each candidate delivered a passionate speech to the crowd, highlighting the critical problems caused by failed Democratic leadership while boldly advocating for the Republican vision of creating a safe, secure, prosperous, and free state for all New Mexicans to live in. After the vote and the ballots were counted, these are the candidates that the delegates chose to be placed on the June primary ballot: (Ballot totals reflect spoilt ballots and other disqualifications such as write-ins.)

U.S. Representative for the 1st Congressional District: (Totals based on delegates who are in the candidates’ district)

Louie Sanchez 157 votes – qualified to be on the primary ballot.

Steve Jones 9 votes

U.S. Representative for the 2nd Congressional District:

Yvette Herrell 152 votes – qualified to be on the primary ballot.

U.S. Representative for the 3rd Congressional District:

Sharon Clahchischilliage 183 votes – qualified to be on the primary ballot.

U.S. Senate:

Nella Domenici 487 votes – qualified to be on the primary ballot.

“We have a strong group of diverse and competent candidates ready to lead and advocate for policies that will end out-of-control inflation, secure our borders, hold criminals accountable, and protect our constitutional rights,” said RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce. “The Republican candidates will prioritize the issues that affect New Mexicans every day, a clear contrast to the current Democratic representatives who are bought and owned by rich, progressive elites. Democrats have failed our nation and especially our state. It’s time to break up the one-party stronghold that has plagued New Mexico with rampant crime, fentanyl deaths, and out-of-touch decisions for you and your family. Our candidates will bring true New Mexican representation to Washington D.C.”

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  • JH Cole says:

    It looks like nobody said out loud the Party can’t stop shrinking until it flushes Loser Trump. One or two might understand, but none have the guts to take the lead.

    Democrats wish November was here already!

    • MeJ says:

      Loser… Comments like that lower the civil discourse to a childish level. We are better than that, whatever our political views are.

  • Filicia A Fertig says:

    It was an awesome event and I am behind all canidates!!!

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