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FEBRUARY 29—President Biden and former President Donald Trump both made visits to different areas of the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas today to address the ongoing crisis.
Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement in response:

“President Biden’s brief and perfectly curated photo op near the border in Brownsville, Texas, once again demonstrated that the President could not care less about the raging border crisis.

After issuing ninety-four executive actions to reverse President Trump’s border security policies and more than 7.2 million illegal immigrants and 27 tons of fentanyl have been released into our country, the President’s attempt to show concern is too little too late.

President Biden has all the authority he needs to end this crisis today, but he won’t do it. He would rather gaslight America into shifting the blame onto anyone but himself.

When comparing the border under President Trump and now President Biden, their track records speak for themselves. Americans can choose from two very different directions in this upcoming election. President Trump will end the border crisis on his first day in office, while President Biden will continue to initiate the crisis that he enabled on his first day.”
  • Theater says:

    If Biden solved the border crisis what would Trump run on? His high morals and good character?

    The border was in crisis under Trump, remember those scary caravans of barefoot children Fox news warned us about in 2018 and 2019. Trump promised to build a big beautiful wall in 2016 and either lied or failed.

    Congress could have taken action anytime in the past 20 years on the border but hasn’t. Currently in the House of Representatives MAGA is sabotaging border deals because Trump told them to save the issue for his doomed 2024 campaign.

    Republicans aren’t interested in solutions to the border problems or any other problems in America for that matter. The only utility the issue has for them is in scaring their xenophobic base.

    • More Dumb Wall! says:

      The Wall is the only answer! I’m sure it will be different this time and actually work. Its the only way to stop the hordes of orcs from coming in from Mordor! There is NO other solution! We as a society couldn’t possibly change our laws to make immigration easier or punish corporations who violate our employment laws and create a draw to our border in the first place. We cant be bothered to view Orcs as people and consider their needs and rights.

      • Sucker Carlson says:

        It sucks living in a country that millions of people want to be a part of. I wish America was like Russia, you never hear about people sneaking into Russia for a better life. Russia has to expand its borders to get immigrants to join it, that’s how secure Putin has made Russia. Also they have cool shopping carts in Russia and more bread than you can shake a stick at.

    • MAGA Memory says:

      Make America Great Again! Like it was in 2020 when a million Americans died of Covid. We can go back to the good old days under Trump like when we all go locked in our houses of a few months, oil prices hit an historic low because so many people stopped driving and the flow of immigrants slowed because America had become a general plague zone. Awww the good o’ days.

  • JH Cole says:

    Mr. Pearce and his fellow “leaders” still don’t realize they cannot rebuild their shrinking party by parroting lies in praise of Loser Trump and ugly lies about Democrats.

    The GOP’s only way back to respectability is to flush Trump and stop serving as pawns in the MAGA personality cult, but that would take more brains, honesty and guts than they have shown so far.

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