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February 15—On today’s conclusion of the Second Session of the 56th Legislature, Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former congressman Steve Pearce, gave the following statement:

“This legislative session has underscored the Democrat one-party-rule engrossing our state that favors far-left special interests over the needs and wants of the people of New Mexico.

The purpose of this session was to discuss the budget. With a multi-billion-dollar surplus from oil and gas, Republicans tried to reduce taxes and put more money into the pockets of New Mexicans. In contrast, Democrats sought to increase government spending and impose new taxes.

Republicans proposed a 1% flat rate for personal income tax, which was killed by Democrats. This would have returned $1.75 billion to taxpayers offering much-need relief from inflation.

Republicans in the House were successful in their efforts to stop the ‘Paid Family Leave Act’ which would have been the largest tax increase on NM businesses in state history.

Democrats continued their assault on struggling New Mexicans by passing California-style legislation expected to raise the price of gasoline by .50-.70 a gallon.

Democrats notably killed Republican efforts to fix the major dysfunctions within CYFD leaving our state’s children vulnerable.

Bills to implement much-needed legislative oversight into the governor’s executive orders and the rules implemented by unelected boards were also killed by Democrats.

The number one issue New Mexicans want addressed is crime. Republicans proposed numerous pieces of legislation that would stop the revolving door and keep dangerous offenders behind bars, but Democrats chose to kill those bills.

Additionally, Democrats chose to use this short 30-day session to focus most of their time trying to disarm good, law-abiding New Mexicans while doing nothing to get violent criminals off of the streets. Republicans, though being a minority in both chambers, worked incredibly hard to stop multiple bills targeting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

This year, it was abundantly clear who was truly standing by and representing the side of the people, and that was Republicans,” Pearce continued.

“Overall, this session was an uphill battle. Legislation aimed at crime, fentanyl, border security, financial relief, CYFD reform, and government oversight would have passed with more Republican representation in the state House and Senate. All 112 seats will be up for election in November. It is more crucial than ever that we elect Republicans up and down the ballot and get our state back on the right track.

We sincerely thank the thousands of New Mexicans who got involved this year. RPNM was dedicated to providing New Mexicans with bill updates, committee contacts, Zoom links, and calls to action. Your participation was instrumental and had a significant impact.

We express our complete gratitude to our Republican legislators who endured long nights and early mornings advocating on behalf of the great citizens of New Mexico. Their selfless work is truly an invaluable service to our state.”

  • Flathead GOP says:

    Do politicians think regular people want a flat tax or a tax give away to the oil and gas industry?

    Flat taxes, sales taxes and other regressive tax schemes are about taxing regular people more and the rich much less.

    The only alternative is to give everyone a tax cut, but the rich a really really big tax cut to make it flat, generate less revenue and raise the public debt for future generations.

    New Mexico is fortunate to have this tax windfall and we should us it to invest in New Mexico and its people not give it away primarily to those who are already doing well. Everyone who isn’t part of the MAGA cult knows we cant trust Republicans to secure the public good, because they don’t believe in the public good.

  • Dead End says:

    Glad RPNM is putting out quality stuff, you know the kind of stuff you would put your name on. Who is [ultimate_author_box] ?

    The article is silly as you would expect from a group of people who has become separated from reality, decency, and the common man.

    RPNM’s adherence to the MAGA cult has wrecked the party in New Mexico. It has resulted in failure after failure at the ballot box and the recent legislation session shows the cost of RPNM’s weakness.

    Yet RPNM continues to side with the fascist cult that MAGA has become over the Constitution, American institutions and the American people. Its time for RPNM leadership to vacate. Its time for the party to repent and start again. MAGA is a dead end. It results in humiliation and defeat.

    • JH Cole says:

      Exactly! Dems drool at the prospect of running against the same MAGA platform and the cult led by losers Donald Trump and Steve Pearce.

  • Pass says:

    Thank God, RPNM can’t shut down the Round House like the National GOP and Trump shut down the US House of Representatives.

    Trump and Speaker Johnson have prevented any real progress on the border and national security. They can keep that bs in DC and Texas, no thanks.

  • JH Cole says:

    The GOP is dying across the country and in New Mexico. Mr. Pearce’s whine about the legislature shows why.

    He promote policies most voters reject (see previous comments) and ignores the most important thing on voters’ minds: The fear of losing democracy to wannabe dictator Trump and losing freedoms to MAGA extremists such as himself and Yvette Herrell.

    NM GOP “leaders” lack the brains, guts and honesty to find a way forward without being told what to think by a convicted rapist and cheat. What used to be the GOP is led by a man who will spend his days in court–in four different jurisdictions–and has to deposit $450,000,000 just to appeal the fines against him in New York.

    He ignores the fact that loser Trump cost them elections every year since 2016, including major Democratic wins in PA and NY this week. He pretends the NM congressional delegation is not all blue and helping New Mexicans live better lives.

    The NM GOP has no future without major changes at the top.

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