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November 27—In response to the New Mexico Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the district court’s ruling maintaining the second district is not an egregious gerrymander or considered entrenched, the Republican Party of New Mexico chairman and former congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

“We are disappointed in the NM Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the gerrymandered map that disenfranchises the voices of conservative Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike and divides up vital industries. We intensely disagree that Democrats did not intentionally entrench the Second Congressional District by shifting it 18 points in their favor. It’s unfortunate the court would agree that 54% DPI (Democratic Performance Index) is considered entrenched, but the current map’s 53% DPI, is not. The court leaned heavily on the closeness of the last election. Without the specific factors of the previous election that included a popular Republican incumbent and an unknown Democratic challenger, the effects of the entrenchment would be prominent. We are contemplating our next course of action in conference with our legal team. RPNM is proud to fight for the fair representation of every New Mexican, regardless of their political party. “

  • JH Cole says:

    The GOP loses nearly every election-related suit across the nation and wastes more donor dollars every time. They usually are wrong on the law and all to often claim facts don’t matter.

    For example, Mr. Pearce whines about damage legislative redistricting did to “conservatives,” but terms like “liberal” and “conservative” do not appear in redistricting plans and have no legal status. He fancies that “Without the specific factors of the previous election. . .” the verdict might be different, but facts are facts and the Court followed them. We are used to his lame arguments, but these are egregious.

    In addition, Mr. Pearce and his fellow “leaders” highlight their hypocrisy
    by ignoring Donald Trump’s trail of felonies and racial gerrymandering in red states. The NM GOP is in a deep hole, but Party officials keep slinging the same old bull.

    • JH Cole says:

      UPDATE: Two GOP election officials in Cochise County, AZ, were indicted today (11/29) for obstructing legitimate election returns. Expect NM GOP “leaders” to remain silent.

    • JH Cole says:


      keep shrinking, y’all.

      • Myke Ultra says:

        Cole, what’s your affiliation? Are you an actual Republican or here trolling as an anonymous DemoSocialist coward? Clearly there’s an inability on the part of the Republicans to win in New Mexico, and it’s certainly possible that either the management is incompetent or has been bought and paid to lose year after year (has anybody audited these people?) but you’re alleging a considerable amount of Democrat fan fiction here…whose payroll are you on? Clearly, you believe you’re better and smarter than the NM GOP – I’m sure we all hope so. Have you got any solutions as to how the Republicans can win in NM, or are you just playing video games in your Mom’s basement?

  • Winners says:

    Awwww the RPNM looses again. Are you tired of winning yet? So much winning!

  • MAGA Terrorist says:

    I think its time RPNM do something useful for New Mexicans instead of just setting up failure after failure at the ballot box and the court room.

    Does Steve Pierce or anyone else at RPNM have a plan for deprogramming MAGA in New Mexico?

    Do you have a plan to neutralize the threat incel terrorist like Ryan Martinez and Solomon Pena pose to New Mexico safety?

    Almost every Republican suffers from at least one of the following delusions: 1. Trump won 2020 but has it stolen by an invisible perfect conspiracy. 2. Global warming denial. Does RPNM have a plan to return to reality based politics?

    What is RPNM plan to address the two biggest issues facing America today: Global warming and the erosion of our democracy? Can this be done when most the party is reality resistant?

    • Next Docket says:

      This guy is right, MAGA has melted the minds of hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans, they may never recover. They may be permanently disabled, their ability to hold healthy relationships and coherent thoughts damaged, sad.

      We all recently got a front row seat to this shared insanity over Thanksgiving. Most Americans, have a crazy MAGA uncle, incel cousin, or papaw that is living in a separate reality from the rest of us because of MAGA brain washing.

      What is RPNM going to do to make this right? How much is a relationship with your parents worth? Can we sue the GOP for ruining our relatives?

      • NextGen says:

        Sorry about your parents, but the best thing you can do is tell your kids what is happening in the country and who is causing grandpa to loose his marbles.

        Dont wait for them to read about the insurrection and coup in History class next decade, tell them whats happening and set an example by voting often.

        • Boomers2Doomers says:

          Old AF RPNM leadership doesn’t care about global warming because they think the reaper is going to save them from having to tell their grandkids that they took a big steamy dump on their future.

          Its the same thinking with the GOP brand and image. Thanks to MAGA the GOP brand is now synonyms with traitors, terrorist, and fools.

          That is how an entire generation of young people are going to remember and think of the GOP FOR DECADES!

          But Steve Pierce is still really hoping to milk MAGA for a short term victor because that’s the only kinda of victor boomers can think about. The man is obsessed with being Governor and has never gotten over loosing to MLG. Its time to step aside Steve, and see if something can be salvaged from the GOP and RPNM bard.

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