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October 17—Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico issued a statement in response to the Texas National Guard installing a concertina wire barrier along the Texas and New Mexico borders in an attempt to curb the dramatic increase in illegal migrant crossings.

On October 9th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted on X, “Migrants are entering New Mexico illegally then crossing into Texas. We are stopping it.”

The Democratic Party of New Mexico condemned the border security measure and is calling for the removal of the wire barrier “effective immediately.”

“It’s unbelievable that the Democratic Party of New Mexico would call to remove any barrier from along New Mexico’s southern border when fentanyl, cartels, human traffickers, and members of terror watchlists pour through the open border daily,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce.

There have been 7.5 million border crossings since Biden took office, including over 1.6 million known “gotaways.” Over 100,000 Americans died in one year from fentanyl overdoses. That’s twice as many deaths as the Vietnam War over the span of 20 years! Bernalillo County is one of the top 10 counties with the highest fentanyl overdose deaths.

When will progressives realize their careless policies are frighteningly dangerous?

We appreciate the Texas Governor taking border security seriously, unlike New Mexico’s Democratic delegation, who’ve chosen to ignore the cries for help from our southern border communities entirely.”

  • Yeeeeehaaa says:

    So RPNM is for Texas fencing off New Mexico? The beginning of the article states that the fence was built on the New Mexico Texas boarder but the rest of the article reads like New Mexico is complaining about fencing at the US/Mexico boarder?

    Steve Pearce and RPNM should move to Texas before the fencing gets to high. GTFO

    • T. Miazga says:

      No, genius. The “DEMOCRAT” Party is who is complaining. Maybe you ought to reread it without your Pink “democrat” glasses. Perhaps YOU ought to consider moving to Washington state .. If things become too “politically unfriendly”, you can sneak into the People’s Republic of Canukistan”. I am sure that they will be happy to have you.

    • Fascflee says:

      Remember in 2021, after the failed coup, when RPNM held their convention in Texas?

      I sure wish they would have stayed over there in Amarillo. We don’t need traitors and losers in New Mexico.

  • JH Cole says:

    If the NM GOP–Mr. Pearce, Ms. Skaggs et al–had courage and integrity it would make a “Statement” on the harm the House GOP is causing, and on the guilty pleas piling up in Trump’s felony cases. Absent such leadership the NM GOP minority will continue to shrink.

    Dems are smiling.

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