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Today, we commemorate Columbus Day. In 1492, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus set forth on a historic voyage that led to the discovery of a passage into the Americas. With three ships, the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María, Columbus’ journey across the Atlantic sparked the “Age of Discovery,” which paved the way for Western civilization to flourish and for America to become the greatest nation in the world.

Many Italian Americans celebrate Columbus Day to honor their heritage and contributions. In 1892, the first national Columbus Day was proclaimed by President Benjamin Harrison after a terrible mob attack that led to the lynching of 11 Italian immigrants the year before. Columbus Day took on a much deeper significance to Italian Americans and Catholics and became a day they could celebrate their heritage with the rest of the nation.

In recent years, we have seen the left attempt to erase the history of Christopher Columbus. Along with this, we’ve seen an overall attempted revision and demonization of all of America’s rich history.

This is unfortunate, as the historical significance of Christopher Columbus’ discovery into the Americas includes lessons that we must continue to learn from. We must learn from our history’s mistakes, including the brutal treatment of the first Native American people, so never to repeat it. We must also acknowledge our history’s vast accomplishments and remember the great pioneering of Western civilization.

Today, let us be inspired to discover uncharted possibilities, learn from and correct our mistakes, and gain a deeper appreciation for every American who calls this beautiful nation home. We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  • JH Cole says:

    “In recent years, we have seen the left attempt to erase the history of Christopher Columbus.”

    Really, Ashley Soular?

    This retired world history teacher (U of Hawai`i Community Colleges) knows of no scholar trying to “erase” Columbus’s history, but is aware of thousands of researchers expanding the story beyond the White European Christian perspective. They hold all political and religious views from from far left to far right to none, and your attempt to blame “the left” is just another a Trumpist lie.

    Transparent propaganda–It looks like Marjorie Taylor Greene helped write it–won’t win independent and undecided voters in New Mexico.

    (By the way, Columbus died thinking he had been to Asia four times.)

  • Maga Terrorists says:

    RPNM needs more brave terrorist like Ryan Martinez to shoot unarmed natives while defending symbols of colonialism.

    Happy Columbus day!

  • Maga Terrorists says:

    RPNM needs more MAGA terrorists like Solomon Pena to organize the death squads when Republicans lose elections.

    Someone get Steveo Peearce, a MAGA hat, and a shovel! Let’s dig up Timothy McVeigh and put him to work protecting Western Civilization.

  • Maga Terrorist says:

    Dear FBI Investigators,

    I am asking this question for a friend.

    If someone donates money to an organization that openly supports terrorism is that supporting terrorism? Could the government really confiscate my accounts, property, and business under the Patriot Act just for sending ISIS a little money?

    Another question that my friend, lets call him hypothetical Steve, had is: Can you use a website to raise money for the political wing of a terrorist organization or is that somehow also “supporting terror”?

  • Words have Consiquences says:

    Does RPNM have anything to say about Maga Terrorist, Ryan Martinez? Was Red Hat Ryan righteous in his defense of Columbus Day? Maybe RPNM needs to take a little responsibility for the anti-American incels that conservatives have cultivated into terrorist.

    Maybe RPNM should have commented on the shooting that happened in Española and denounced the violence in New Mexico communities that they have contributed to instead of putting out this sh.t about Columbus Day 7 days later.

    Seriously, this article is lazy culture war dribble that makes the situation in New Mexico worse. RPNM has again ignored violence happening here in New Mexico that they have contributed to with their propaganda. Instead of choosing to double down on the messages that lead to real world violence in our communities.

    Ashley Soular, you have New Mexican blood on your hands.

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