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Albuquerque, September 11—Today, we announce the Republican Party of New Mexico is preparing to file a lawsuit against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Secretary of Health, Patrick M. Allen, for deliberately violating the United States and New Mexico Constitutions with their emergency public health order that includes a ban on concealed and open carry within Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

RPNM Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

“The Governor and the Secretary of Health’s egregious overstepping of New Mexicans’ rights may be the worst we have seen in the nation. Our lawsuit will challenge the Governor and the Secretary of Health’s authority to supersede our federal and state constitutions with the stroke of a pen.

America is watching this case unfold in New Mexico. We must set a precedent for the rest of the nation that politicians and unelected officials do not have the right to declare an emergency anytime they want to override your constitutional rights. 

The Governor made her stance clear when she said, ‘no constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute.’ Michelle Lujan Grisham must be held accountable for her unlawful stunt. This must never happen again in our state or the rest of the nation. We want New Mexicans to know the Governor was wrong, and you have rights.”

Our litigation is in addition to the New Mexico House and Senate Republican’s lawsuit and several other independent entities filing lawsuits regarding this order.

  • Never Forget 911, Never Forgive J6 says:

    Twenty-two years ago the heroic passengers of Flight 93 took it upon themselves to prevent terrorist from crashing a plane into the US Capital building. Through their courage and patriotism many lives where saved and they preserved a symbol of American democracy.

    Two years and eight months ago the J6 insurrectionist at the behest of Donald Judas Trump attacked the US Capital building with the expressed goal of over throwing American democracy. While attempting a coup they literally and figuratively sh-it in the halls of the same building. Since then Conservatives have been continuously sh-iting on the US Constitution and the American public by spreading the big lie that the terrorism of J6 was justified.

    In the aftermath of 911, Congress passed the Patriot Act and America sent the millennials of to fight wars for two decades and we told ourselves we would, Never Forget. But sadly many of us have forgotten what it means to be an American, the Right’s continued embrace of Trump, the big lie, and fascism bear that sad fact out.

    We need to start addressing the terrorist and traitors in our mist as the threat that they are.

    The country needs to follow NM’s example and use the 14th Amendment to stop insurrectionist from holding office. We need to use the anti-terrorism actions authorized by the Patriot Act to stop the funding of domestic terrorism and the spreading of Big Lie mind virus that has infected Conservatives.

    The terrorist attack on 911lead to the War on Terror, the treason of J6 demands a War on Fascism.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can not believe how corrupt our government in New Mexico and the U.S has become! I remember when oral sex was a reason for impeachment….today treasonous acts are brushed under the rug while the determination of what beer we drink is everywhere ( distraction…magicians use it all the time)….. it saddens me to see the lack of respect for the people (maybe) who vote you all into office. 🤬

  • We the People of NM pissed off! says:

    This is a stunt by the govenor to for gun grab legislation through the next session. What if anything will the Republican party of New Mexico do. Time to take a stand. Quit backing down. Show you love our state and our country.

  • Wedgfoot says:

    I think people who run for office should be mandated to have a drug test. Most of the adds for work are requiring the applicant to take a drug test. The body language and actions of MLG tells me she must be high.

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