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Albuquerque, August 23— The Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman, Steve Pearce issued the following statement in response to the first GOP presidential primary debate that aired tonight:

“Tonight, a diverse field of qualified Republican Presidential candidates offered solutions that will certainly get America back on the right track.

While each candidate varied in their approach, any of them would be a better option than another term of the Biden administration.

President Biden has proven to be a dishonest, incompetent, crooked, and ultimately absent president.

The fact remains Biden has failed, and Americans deserve better.

In 2024, Republicans will win back the presidency, change the negative direction of the United States, and give hard-working Americans the bright future they deserve.”

  • See for yourself says:

    Watch the full debate here.

    • Never Forget 911 & Never Forgive J6 says:

      Twenty-two years ago the heroic passengers of Flight 93 took it upon themselves to prevent terrorist from crashing a plane into the US Capital building. Through their courage and patriotism many lives where saved and they preserved a symbol of American democracy.

      Two years and eight months ago the J6 insurrectionist at the behest of Donald Judas Trump attacked the US Capital building with the expressed goal of over throwing American democracy. While attempting a coup they literally and figuratively sh-it in the halls of the same building. Since then Conservatives have been continuously sh-iting on the US Constitution and the American public by spreading the big lie that the terrorism of J6 was justified.

      In the aftermath of 911, Congress passed the Patriot Act and America sent the millennials of to fight wars for two decades and we told ourselves we would, Never Forget. But sadly many of us have forgotten what it means to be an American, the Right’s continued embrace of Trump, the big lie, and fascism bear that sad fact out.

      We need to start addressing the terrorist and traitors in our mist as the threat that they are.

      The country needs to follow NM’s example and use the 14th Amendment to stop insurrectionist from holding office. We need to use the anti-terrorism actions authorized by the Patriot Act to stop the funding of domestic terrorism and the spreading of Big Lie mind virus that has infected Conservatives.

      The terrorist attack on 911lead to the War on Terror, the treason of J6 demands a War on Fascism.

  • Better than Trump says:

    When Trump and his coup co-conspirators are in jail one of those people on the debate stage will run against Biden.

    Any of them will be better positioned to take on Biden than Trump who has already lost to Sleepy Joe once already

    • Party of Personal Responsibility says:

      Fun facts about RPNM:

      The five Republicans who signed the fake electors’ certificate in New Mexico are:

      Jewll Powdrell
      Deborah Maestas
      Lupe Garcia
      Anissa Ford-Tinnin
      Rosie Tripp

      They signed the fake certificate on December 14, 2020.

      Powdrell, Maestas, and Garcia were subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on January 12, 2023. Ford-Tinnin and Tripp were subpoenaed on February 1, 2023.

      The NM fake electors appear to be part of a larger effort to overturn Trump’s 2020 election lose.

      This plan to thwart the voters hinged on VP Mike Pence rejecting Electoral College electors from states Trump lost and sending them back to state legislators who could then, according to this craven legal “theory”, send different electors that would not represent the voters of their state.

      Will RPNM hold its own accountable?

  • JH Cole says:

    Astonishing! Mr. Pearce still hasn’t found the guts to use the word “Trump” in this space since the day after the Mar a Lago search.
    This country and New Mexico need two healthy parties, but the former GOP is only a malevolent personality cult and the “leader” of the state GOP isn’t honest enough to either defend or condemn it.
    Mr. Pearce doesn’t need to wonder why the GOP has fewer registered voters than “Did Not State,” he just has to look in the mirror and at Trump’s mug shot.

  • JH Cole says:

    Clear winners from the GOP’s split screen clown show: Biden-Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot.
    The losers: The less than 30% of voters who like MAGA and the NM GOP.

    • 1/4 4th Reich says:

      JH Cole, I want to provide a term to describe the 30% of voters that like MAGA that you mentioned. The fascist third, or if we assume they are closer to 25% we could refer to them as the 1/4 4th Reich.

  • Happy Labor Day says:

    RPNM failed to publish a Labor Day message, is it because they hate the American worker?

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