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Albuquerque, July 28—Today, the Republican Party of New Mexico received a bomb threat at its headquarters in Albuquerque. A phone call came in from a man saying, “I’m going to bomb your office so you all go to hell with Trump!”

Albuquerque Police were contacted, and a report including the phone number and last name of the caller was filed. Police suggested all staff evacuate the building immediately.

“We were pretty shaken up. We are thankful for the Albuquerque Police officers who arrived quickly to ensure that we all were safe,” said Leticia Munoz, RPNM Executive Director, who was in the office at the time of the threat.

The Republican Party of New Mexico condemns all forms of violence.

  • Ali Ennenga says:

    So happy you all are safe! What is this world coming to? God bless you!

  • P.E. Thompson says:

    So…….if they have the last name of the caller, and the phone number, why in this fine blue state, is there seemingly such a delay in resolving the case?

  • JH Cole says:

    We condemn all violence and threats of domestic violence and related pranks. We also need stricter gun control and more $ for mental health programs.

    Anyone who thinks bombing a party HQ will help our state clearly needs help and to be kept under strict observation.

  • JH Cole says:

    Dear NM GOP “leaders” Pearce, Skaggs, Barela et al,
    Read the indictment special prosecutor Smith filed against Mr. Trump today (1 August) and comment in this space. Defend or condemn him, but find some courage and say something.
    NM GOP has no future with your continuing silence.

  • reap what you sow says:

    Oh my it seems some people are getting increasingly upset at RPNM’s association with the leader of a fascist uprising (Trump). Maybe RPNM should stop doing that?

    RPNM can say they don’t condone violence but they sure like to spread bs that leads to violence.

    RPNM wants our sympathy, they want to play the victim rather than talk about sweet potato Hitler’s latest indictment.

    Election denialism aka the big lie is violence.

    Remember Solomon Pena failed RPNM candidate and terrorist? He did drive by shootings on election officials because he believed RPNM’s bs about elections being rigged.

    Remember J6 when thousands of mouth breathers decended on the capital building to beat police, hang Mike Pence, and stop the peaceful transfer of presidential powers? That’s violence, has RPNM condemn that or are they still playing footsie with fascism?

  • reap what you sow says:

    When the RPNM fake electors where getting together to defraud New Mexico voters by switching the state’s electoral college votes from Biden to Trump what where they thinking, how did they think that was going to play out?

    Did they, as well as other Republican co-conspirators think they where going to cheat the American public and we all where just going to fall in line?

    Conservatives need to understand that ending democracy will lead to violence. Americans aren’t going to just roll over when one of your next coup attempts succeeds.

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