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June 26 — Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce issued the following statement following the news of the passing of former State Senator Carroll Leavell, who represented Eddy and Lea counties in District 41 from 1997 to 2018:

“Senator Carroll H. Leavell was my friend in business and politics. He lived an incredible life and gave 21 years of public service to New Mexico. He will be greatly missed. I offer my deepest sympathies and prayers to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

  • JH Cole says:

    The WaPo reports this morning (6/27/23) that special prosecutor Smith interviewed multiple fake electors in several states as part of the DoJ investigation into Trump’s 2020 loss and subsequent tantrum. Did the list include New Mexico’s bogus electors?

    Chairman Pearce should comment, because the GOP will continue to shrink in NM unless it frees itself from the Loser, the leading candidate for 2024. Voters also want to know what Y. Herrell (“God, Guns and Trump!) has to say.

    Mr. Pearce, Ms. Skaggs et al show gutlessness and cluelessness by not using the word “Trump” in a “Statement” since 8/9/22. No future for the GOP with them at the helm.

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