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Albuquerque, May 27 — This week, a spot count report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) shows a significant uptick in homelessness within New Mexico.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

“This latest report shows that the current administration’s investments have worsened homelessness in New Mexico by 48% in just one year. Once again, the Democrats’ plan is to throw money at a broken system and hope it clears everything up. The root of the growing homelessness crisis in our state is still not being addressed. Substance abuse, mental health, and a lack of economic opportunity are at the heart of this crisis. Instead of trying to get these people back on their feet, get them the help they need, and give them opportunities to succeed financially, Democrats this past legislative session wanted to hand out syringes and drug paraphernalia to our homeless community. Democrats have held a majority in the New Mexico legislature for ninety+ years, but our state continues to rank at the bottom, and our citizens continue to pay the price. It is truly time for a change.”

  • JH Cole says:

    Mr. Pearce whines about Democratic leadership, but it’s just as easy for Dems to whine about GOP obstruction in the Roundhouse.

    If they were real leaders, Mr. Pearce, Ms. Berela, Ms. Skaggs et al would condemn–or at least comment on– the Farmington shooting or any mass shooting, Loser Trump’s conviction, Couy Griffin’s latest arrest, or any MAGA outrage in or out of New Mexico. They don’t have the courage to try to lead the NM GOP out of the MAGA swamp, though, so they just kiss up to the base and hope nobody notices.

    NM Democrats drool, because the GOP’s chances shrink with every month of their silence.

  • JH Cole says:

    We’re waiting for GOP “leaders” to say guns are not the problem after mass shootings in Farmington and Red River.

    We won’t hold our breath, though, because silence is their usual response to inconvenient news–such as Trump’s indictments and convictions.

  • Brain dead GOP says:

    So what’s the RPNM’s plans to address homelessness?

  • Brain dead GOP says:

    I wonder what could have happened to cause this large increase in homelessness? I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the end of moratorium on evictions.

  • EndCapNow says:

    Homelessness and hungry are like inflation and the “business cycle “. The are natural outcomes of capitalism.

    The invisible hand is only wise if you divorce one’s self from the consequences of those choices by othering those the system leaves behind.

    End capitalism now. Housing is a human right and we are capable of providing it for every new mexican now, if we stop fixating on landlord’s profits.

    Here is an idea, the state should confiscate the undefiled office buildings in ABQ, everyone prefers remote work anyways, and convert them to apartments. This would end homelessness, improve the lives of workers by ending the commute and help save the environment.

  • Co-conspiritor Steve says:

    Can we get a follow up article from Steve Pierce about the raid on Trump’s home in Florida being a witch hunt? Does Steve Pierce or the RPNM have a comment on the New Mexico Fake Electors conspiracy?

  • JH Cole says:

    Chickens Pearce, Skaggs, Barela et al better say something about the Loser’s Doc indictments before the 1/6 indictments come down, or the NM GOP will be 100% MAGA extremists by July.

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