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Happy Passover from RPNM!

Tonight, as families around the world gather together to share a seder meal of unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and sweet charoset, they will recount the miraculous story of the Hebrew deliverance from slavery in Egypt.

Passover is a celebration of redemption and freedom. The biblical Exodus story reminds us all that through faith and perseverance, we can overcome adversity.

We at the Republican Party of New Mexico see many of our ideals within the Passover story, like our commitment to uphold religious freedom and protect against government oppression.

We wish our Jewish friends in New Mexico, Israel, and around the world a happy and blessed Passover! Chag Pesach Sameach!

  • JH Cole says:

    We await your comment on Justice Thomas and Ginni with the megadonor. Since you whine about Governor Grisham, you must be really indignant at their corrupt behavior.

  • Pander Over says:

    Why cant we just say Happy Easter? Is Steve Pearce getting some of that Soros money?

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