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Happy Passover from RPNM!

Tonight, as families around the world gather together to share a seder meal of unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and sweet charoset, they will recount the miraculous story of the Hebrew deliverance from slavery in Egypt.

Passover is a celebration of redemption and freedom. The biblical Exodus story reminds us all that through faith and perseverance, we can overcome adversity.

We at the Republican Party of New Mexico see many of our ideals within the Passover story, like our commitment to uphold religious freedom and protect against government oppression.

We wish our Jewish friends in New Mexico, Israel, and around the world a happy and blessed Passover! Chag Pesach Sameach!

  • Donald J Trump says:

    This Passover, pray that justice passes over Stevo Peearce, NM 2020 fake electors, Coupy Griffen and the rest of the J6 inserrection coup participants.

    These loosers tried to help me overturn the 2020 election and cheat 80 million Americans. Unfortunately they are as stupid as your normal Fox American and messed it up.

    While these useful idiots where betraying the country on my behalf, Fox host and I were laughing at how dumb they are and raking in their money, I love money and stupid people.

    I mean Coupy Griffin couldn’t even find and hang Mike Pence on J6, despite cosplaying as a sheriff.

    • Donald J. Trump says:

      Conservatives, defund the police! Defund the FBI, DOJ, and police!

      I just learned that on rare occasions the rich and powerful are subject to the criminal justice system, sooo unfair! We must stop licking these police boots and defund the police until they come to their senses.

      The police need to know their place. Their place is guarding the mall parking lot from ANTIFA and beating up and locking up the poor.

      They have no business investigating my crimes or trying to hold me accountable. It’s time these woke police get back to real police work like shooting minorities in the face, or the back. I should not be held accountable until every brown person has been fully investigated!

      Call your local government now and demand they fire all the police, if they can arrest me they can arrest you.

      The FBI has had it out for me ever since I started running for President and they realized I’m a Russian tool.

      They keep bring it up just because I tried to use Congress approved money to extort the President of Ukraine to lie about Biden, while he was trying to deter a Russian evasion. They had it all on tape, read the transcripts, but Congress agreed it was a Perfect phone call and did not convict me in the impeachment! What a perfect phone call to Zelenskyy, read the transcript.

      The police keep crying about dead pigs at J6, totally peaceful protest? You heard Tucker Carlson, those goofy J6 mouth breathers just crawled out of their mommies basements to give themself a tour of the capital.

      Now the FBI is looking into my souvenirs from my time at the Whitehouse! Its just like when you go on vacation you bring a few things back for your friends. My pal Putin just wanted a peek at a few top secret documents that I brought down to Mar a Lago. And now those nosy FBI agents want to know why I kept the documents and who I shared them with!

      The DA in Georgia thinks its a crime that I tried to pressure 2020 Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” 11,400 votes in GA. I asked him to give me the election in his state, to lie and say I actually one the state, listen to the tape of my 64 minute long perfect phone call with Brad. The best part was when I threatened Brad and his attorney that not going along with my coup could cause them personal legal trouble/prosecution.

      These nosy investigators keep looking into my life and finding all this evidence of crimes. I sure hope they don’t start looking into my crimes and accomplices here in NM. If they do they will learn that Steve Pierce, John Eastman, Coupy Griffin, NM fake electors: Jewll Powdrell and Deborah W. Maestas and others conspired to overturn the 2020 election and deny NM vote.


      • Donald J Trump says:

        Its now Easter Day and RPNM hasn’t put out a press release wishing us a happy Easter or defending me and Jesus from the Jews! Is this another Soros funded conspiracy!?

  • JH Cole says:

    We await your comment on Justice Thomas and Ginni with the megadonor. Since you whine about Governor Grisham, you must be really indignant at their corrupt behavior.

  • Pander Over says:

    Why cant we just say Happy Easter? Is Steve Pearce getting some of that Soros money?

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