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RPNM Statement on Trump Indictment

Trump indictment sets a dangerous precedent.

Albuquerque, March 30 — Today, a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict former President Trump on charges believed to be associated with alleged hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels. The indictment has not been unsealed, and the exact charges are unknown.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

“We’ve known from the beginning that this is a political witch hunt against the former President. We had a rogue, Soros-funded district attorney with a political agenda facing intense pressure from the left ahead of an election year.

Many Democrats have criticized this case for lack of credibility and condemned the biased judicial system in New York. This indictment sets a dangerous precedent for the future of the nation. If a former chief executive officer of the United States can be arrested on dubious charges, the same thing can happen to others.

It would be great to see the same fervor for the solid evidence against the Biden family and their ties to Communist China, or better yet, let’s see an investigation into our Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, and her alleged hush money payments made from her campaign funds. I wonder how long U.S. and New Mexico prosecutors will continue to sit on their hands with the precedent that has been set in New York.”

  • Donald J. Trump says:

    Good Dog Stevo

    • Donald J. Trump says:

      You heard Little Stevo Peearce! This is another witch hunt funded by Soros.

      Just like the 2020 election fraud justified the violent overthrow of the US government on J6 so to are you justified in ANYTHING to defend me from this unfair witch hunt!

      Call the NY DA and threaten them, send the judge “fun” mail, let those future jurors know what they have coming if they don’t declare me innocent.

      Quit your job and come down here to Florida and put your body between me and the police. If you cant take the time off work or still have to eat and cant quit your job maybe you could kill a cop in your community to show solidarity with me.

      Bottom line is if you believe me and Steve Peearce, that this is a witch hunt and that I had the 2020 election stolen from me and you are not out killing cops your a coward.

      Think about it, they stole the election! Stole democracy from you! Now they are trying to silence me by putting me in jail! Is your country worth fighting for? Are you chicken? Are you a paper patriot, only willing to fight in theory, or are you a real patriot that is willing to spill blood for me?

      If you are not ready to kill government officials over this then you must either be a coward or there is part of you who doubts me and Little Stevo, which is it? Time to choose.

      • Donald J Trump says:

        Remember if this doesn’t go well or someone believes me and acts accordingly it was all Steve’s idea!

        But I’m sure it will go well because, after all it was my idea.

        Election denial has no real world consequences, just ask Solomon Pena.

        Come on down to Florida.

  • Propaganda Your Is Bad says:

    You can tell Steve Pierce and RPNM is unraveling, by how ridiculous this article is.

    “We’ve known from the beginning that this is a political witch hunt against the former President. We had a rogue, Soros-funded district attorney with a political agenda facing intense pressure from the left ahead of an election year.” Traitor Steve

    This sounds like the ravings of a crazy person not the words of the leader of New Mexico’s Republican party.

    Really Steve? Soros funded district attorney? Let me clue you in on something, Billionaires are not lining up to fund anything for the left. What you think is left wing politics is just right of center politics, but since the GOP has become Alt-Right you can’t tell the difference.

    So I call on Steve Pierce to provide evidence that Soros is “funding the DA”. I am willing to bet Steve’s life that it’s actually tax dollars that fund the DA and not dark money from Billionaires.

    “Many Democrats have criticized this case for lack of credibility and condemned the biased judicial system in New York.” Traitor Steve

    Yet you did not actual name a single Democrat that is on the record saying those things? Also, who cares what Democrats say about Trump’s trial? I don’t need my political leaders to tell me how to think and feel. Republicans, I think have this misconception that Democrats are as stupid as they are and if we think that “our team” has a side that we are going to blindly jump on it.

    I can’t speak for every person that cast a vote for Democrats, but me personally I don’t care for most of them. The Democrat party is just vastly better than the Republican party it doesn’t make it good or right.

    Perhaps if the GOP offered something other than rightwing extremism they could be competitive, its not really a high bar to be America’s favorite right wing party.

    If one’s house is on fire and you have competing firefighter teams show up. One has a squirt gun and a dixie cup to put out the fire and the other team also has a dixie cup but their dixie cup is full of gasoline, who do you pick to help put out the fire? Both teams are not going to really help but at least one is not actively working against you. This is how I see voting these days.

  • Lock them Up! says:

    Steve Pierce is desperate and obsessed with MLG, sad. Everytime Trump is in trouble it’s always someone else’s fault or someone is “picking on” him.

    Seems like RPNM is really trying to associate this story with Democrats and MLG specifically to escape the fact that Steve Pierce is a co-conspirator with Trump’s 2020 coup.

    Steve should have cut his loses with Trump after his little fake elector conspiracy failed to overturn the 2020 election and in the process cast aside New Mexico’s vote.

    It’s time to 14th Amendment, lock up or otherwise dispose of the traitors in our mist. The J6 conspirators shouldn’t get a second shot at killing American democracy. Justice for J6, hang them high.

  • But what about..... says:

    RPNM wants us to believe this indictment has all the weight of important investigations like “Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

    Republicans love this type of bs. “Government is bad and abusive, vote for me and I will show you how bad and abusive it can be!”

    Claiming this is a “witch hunt” while hoping that it gets all the attention of the GOP’s actually red-hearings.

    Just think about it, with all the problems facing America today, the GOP thinks people care about Hunter Biden’s laptop pictures? It’s just more make believe culture war bs.

  • JH Cole says:

    Slow learner Pearce keeps trying to divert attention from Loser’s crimes with claims only the MAGA base believes. Even Mr. Pearce, the fake elector, doesn’t say Trump isn’t guilty, just that we should ignore his crimes.

    New Mexico doesn’t have a GOP, just a shrinking personality cult. Until registered Republicans elect leaders who will try to win independents and undecideds, we won’t have the benefit of the thriving two-party system we need.

    • Gen Z says:

      My grandfather has recently started sounding like Steve Pierce, spouting crazy conspiracy theories and cuddling up to fascist.

      Does it make me a bad person to hope it’s cognitive decline making him act like this and not that my grand dad is actually a fascist?

      It’s a strange question but is it better to be brain damaged or a fascist?

      He didn’t use to be this way.

  • Kathleen R James says:

    Did Steve Pearce really say it opens the door for DAs to prosecute anything?? Any crime steve. It saddens me a portion of our country has been blinded and think it’s ok when trump first said he could kill someone and he would still be praised by his party. What’s sad is he is apparently right. His party doesn’t care about truth, law, or decency in general. Proof and evidence do matter, just sayin

    • Gen Z says:

      Maybe Steve was on Ambien or some other Rx when he wrote that?

      I sure hope Steve is ok, yeah know he is almost as old as Joe Biden.

      Do we think Steve is well enough to lead RPNM?

      Hey Boomer! You ok?

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