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RPNM Statement Following Conclusion of the Legislative Session
Chairman Pearce commends Republican successes—says, “We saw tremendous grassroots engagement from people around the state.”

Albuquerque, March 18th — Today marks the end of the first session of the fifty-sixth legislature. Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

“We knew progressives would take advantage of their majority in the legislature to push through their radical agenda this session. However, despite being in the minority, Republicans successfully passed beneficial legislation and halted other unconstitutional bills from becoming law.

Notably, Republicans led the charge in amending the Medical Malpractice Act, working through a bipartisan effort allowing doctors to stay insured in New Mexico. Republicans also stalled unconstitutional gun bills and fought against bills that would undermine parental rights over their children.

This session, we saw tremendous grassroots engagement from people around the state contacting the legislature, signing petitions, and attending hearings at the Roundhouse. New Mexicans showed they would not sit back and let progressives infringe on their rights.

We commend all the Republican legislators who worked tirelessly through the late nights and early mornings to uphold their oath of office and deliver hope for New Mexicans.”
  • JH Cole says:

    Dear Slow Learners Pearce, Murillo, Skaggs et al,

    Voters put progressives in the majority because they want progress, and that is what Dems accomplished in the face of GOP obstruction. Count on more of the same next year and in the 2024 elections.

    Your post has no surprises because everyone knew you would whine about the good stuff Dems did. What centrists and independents want to know is what you think about Loser Trump’s continuing assault on our democracy, national security and the rule of law.

    Moderate Republicans want to know how you plan to move the Party forward, in other words how you are going to get out of the hole you’re in or at least stop digging. They see that silence on Trump and whining about Democrats is not a winning strategy.

    They also are aware that Democrats hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Donald J. Trump says:

      I am going to be arrested! Quit your job, drop everything, and come down to Mar a lago and surround me with your strong bodies. Don’t let the cops take me!

      Remember how I pardoned the J6 patriots. If you fight for me you can bet I am going to take care of you.

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