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Albuquerque, February 7—President Biden delivered his State of the Union Address with lies and empty promises this evening. The actual state of the Union is that Biden has weakened America.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman, Steve Pearce, issued the following statement on the President’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, we heard President Biden continuously boast about the economy when the truth is that most working, middle-class Americans are hurting. Inflation has been surging at or above five percent for twenty months. Forty-one percent of Americans say they are financially worse off since he took office.

In my state, New Mexicans are struggling to feed their families when necessities like eggs have become unaffordable. Working New Mexicans are seeing their wages and disposable income both decrease. We‘re experiencing record crime but Biden repeated his plan to weaken police and leave citizens unarmed.

Biden made empty promises about securing the border despite allowing deadly drugs, like fentanyl, to pour into our nation every day for the past two years. Biden inherited the most secure border in history, but since he took office, there have been 5.8 million illegal border crossings.

Biden lied about Republicans wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security. Speaker McCarthy made it clear when he said, “Cuts to Medicare and Social Security they are off the table.” Biden’s weak foreign policy allowed China to orbit our skies. Biden only acted once China’s balloon crossed the entire United States. It’s very clear Biden does not have America’s back.

While President Biden ignored the struggles of the American people tonight, Republicans are offering a brighter future. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ rebuttal of the State of the Union sharply contrasts Biden’s weak administration with Republicans’ strong, secure, and prosperous vision for America. Congressman Juan Ciscomani, the first Mexican-born American elected to Congress, gave a powerful Spanish-language address tonight focusing on how Republican policies preserve our American dream. As the Democrats continue to push their failed agenda, Republicans offer a clear contrast that empowers Americans.”


  • JH Cole says:

    Ex-Representative Pearce is on the wrong path again. Independents, centrists and even moderate Republicans see that he and Gov Huckabee recruit to the GOP by selling anger, fear, division and exclusion. Voters know better, and that’s why there are 75% as many no-party registrations in NM as Republicans.

    Even though he does not name loser Trump or M. T. Greene in this screed, his every claim grew out of their swamp. The party’s future in NM is dim, with Pearce, Amy Barela, and Kim Skaggs ignoring past and current failures.

    • JH Cole says:

      The fact that no one argues with my posts attacking the “leaders” who run this site must mean they have even less support than I thought.

  • Communist in disquise says:

    I keep hearing Republicans cry about the price of eggs and gas and insisting that these are the only issues that matter?

    So my question for Republicans is what exactly do you think Biden or the government in general should do to lower these prices?

    Maybe the government could put in price controls and make the grocery stores sell them for a reasonable price?

    Or maybe the government should nationalize Tyson foods and other egg produces, tell their investors to jump in the lake and sell the eggs at cost to the American people!

    The GOP are just stupid communist that cant clearly articulate their desire to control private enterprise.

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