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Albuquerque, November 22– — The Republican Party of New Mexico is sad to learn that oil and gas industry pioneer and New Mexico Republican Party contributor John A. Yates has died.  He was 93.

Yates was raised in Artesia, and he and his two brothers founded Yates Petroleum in 1960. John held the office of Secretary-Treasurer for Yates Petroleum from 1960-1965. He held the office of Vice President for Yates Petroleum from 1965– 1988. While holding the office of Vice President, John founded ABO Petroleum Corporation in 1968. Yates then served as President of Yates Petroleum from 1988 – 2005 and again from 2008 – 2009.

Yates and his family became a force in New Mexico’s vital oil and gas industry. They played a major part in the exploration and growth of the oil and gas industry in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas, expanding into Colorado and Wyoming.

Yates served on the National Petroleum Council and was a member of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association, Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico, American Petroleum Institute and the Roswell Geological Society. He was a member of many other associations and councils.

Yates was appointed by five United States Presidents, starting with President Reagan, to serve on the National Petroleum Council Advisory Committee. In 1996 he received the “Chief Roughneck of the Year” award from the Independent Petroleum Association of America, an award which John was most proud to receive due to this honor being bestowed annually to only one person in the United States.

He was the recipient of a number of other accolades for his successes in the oil and gas industry and received an honorary doctorate from New Mexico State University.

Yates also served with distinction on the Republican National Committee. 

RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce released the following statement:
“John was a giant of a man. I knew him personally, and he was a true friend. He was also a true friend to the Republican Party. He always supported our candidates and backed the Party in many ways. He believed in the GOP mission and its values and ideals. He was great inspiration to conservative causes. The Party and I offer our condolences to the Yates family at this difficult time.”

Former New Mexico House Republican Leader, Rep. Jim Townsend of Artesia, issued the following:

“John, as well as the Yates family as a whole, have been and will continue to be much admired for their contributions to our state and nation. I wish them all God’s peace and comfort during this time of loss and sorrow.”

  • Donald J Trump says:

    Hey Little Stevo,

    Don’t think I forgot about your snub. You didn’t mention my wonderful speech and announcement that I am running again in 2024!

    You did a really bad job with the New Mexico fake electors and a terrible job with the midterms. It’s like you are not even trying to stop the steal! You better do better Little Stevo, or it’s going to be Rhino open season.

  • JH Cole says:

    Still no leadership for the GOP in this space. Messrs. Pearce and Curtis and executive director Ms. Skaggs have lots of time to lament the passing of a good man, but not a minute to explain the GOP’s big election loss or suggest strategies that might work better than their futile effort this time.

    They made no mention of Loser Trump since August 9 despite the growing evidence of crimes and his string of losses in court. They don’t have the guts to call him out and don’t offer a plan do go forward without him.

    They need to get out of the way and let new leaders try to repair the ugly state of the Party in New Mexico.

  • OK Boomer says:

    This lucky basdard got to live to 93 and was enrich by the oil industry.

    Gen Z is going to early graves and we will oversee the collapse of earth’s ecosystems caused by climate change.

    Remember all the conservative climate change deniers? What has conservatives done to conserve the planet and American way of life.

    Conservatism needs to be buried.

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