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Hobbs, NM, November 14—Today Hobbs Mayor Sam Cobb proclaimed the day “Steve Pearce Day” in the city, honoring the former 7-term Congressman and current Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman. Pearce was recognized for his service to his community, New Mexico and the nation.
During a special afternoon ceremony in the Hobbs Commission Chambers, the mayor and dignitaries honored Pearce as an invaluable, driven leader whose work for decades has inspired the Hobbs community and New Mexico. Pearce was recognized as one whose accomplishments and efforts have made a difference in the lives of New Mexicans as a Congressman, state lawmaker and Republican Party leader.
“One of the great privileges I have as Mayor is to honor organizations and individuals who, through their service to our community, has left our community better,” said Hobbs Mayor Sam Cobb. “Steve Pearce has always endeavored to do that not only for Hobbs and Lea County but also for the entire state of New Mexico. I am proud to be part of honoring Steve, Cynthia and their family today.”
Pearce was raised in Hobbs, one of six children in a working class family. It was in Lea County where he learned the value of hard work.

Steve attended New Mexico public schools and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from New Mexico State University and an MBA from Eastern New Mexico University.  
During the Vietnam War he served as a combat pilot and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and two Air Medals, as well as seven other military medals and four exceptional service awards. Steve continued service at Blytheville Air Force Base in Arkansas and attained the rank of Captain.

Pearce became a respected small businessman, owning and operating Lea Fishing Tools, an oilfield services company in Hobbs. 

In 1996 he was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives, where he served until 2000.  During this time, he was elected as Caucus Chair and served on the Appropriations Committee. Pearce was widely recognized for his work in economic development, in which he applied the commonsense principles he had gained as a small business owner.

In 2002, Pearce was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served until 2009. He eventually would serve seven terms representing the 2nd Congressional District.

Pearce is currently in his second term as Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. Under his leadership and guidance, RPNM has grown and has become a substantial influence in Republican politics in New Mexico. RPNM has earned national recognition for its many successes over the years.  

Pearce and his wife, Cynthia, just celebrated their 41st anniversary. They have one daughter, Lori Bova, and a son-in-law, Craig Bova, as well as two grandchildren, Preston and Libby.

The Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) advances the ideals of individual liberties for the advancement of its citizens and the greater prosperity of our communities throughout New Mexico. Led by an Executive Board and its Chairman, former NM Congressman Steve Pearce, RPNM serves all New Mexicans via its headquarters in Albuquerque and can be contacted at (505) 298-3662.

  • JH Cole says:

    “Pearce is currently in his second term as Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. . . . RPNM has earned national recognition for its many successes over the years.”

    This article provides lots of belly laughs! Name a big RPNM success since Yvette defeated Xochitl, just one. You might be referring to last week’s thumping by the Dems–including Gabe Vasquez’s ousting of Yvette–, or the lawsuits the party lost by about a 5 to 1 ratio for four years, or the failure to muscle up a comment on the MAGA nut’s attempt to torture Speaker Pelosi, or the fact that Loser Trump is not in jail. Yet.

    Or maybe it refers to the fact that RPNM executive director Ms. Kim Skaggs lost her bid for state house in her home county.

    Another clue to these “successes” is that this space has not analyzed voters’ rejection of the campaign of anger, lies, fear and division, or to propose a different way forward.

    Truly I hope your hymn of praise is a valedictory opening the way for his replacement. New Mexico and the nation need a functioning GOP.

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