Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


Albuquerque, June 25—Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit today to the Southern border in El Paso is not about policy-making and solutions to one of our nation’s biggest crises, but merely about a photo op.
Harris’s quick trip to the border was the result of ongoing bipartisan political pressure to actually go to a place to see firsthand what is happening at our border. President Biden assigned Harris to become the immigration Czar back in March, but she has dodged questions, shown no interest in addressing the migration catastrophe and has consistently refused to travel to the border—until now. 
The Biden Administration’s lack of understanding and lack of a sensible and effective policy to deal with this crisis cannot be understated.
The border has been in crisis for months since President Biden opened it to all who want to come. There are no background checks–so more felons are crossing– no health checks and no masks. The estimate is that as many as 50% of those crossing have COVID, and the administration is just releasing them with no ID, no masks and no vaccinations to go anywhere in the country they choose. An unprecedented number of unaccompanied kids are crossing and being warehoused in cages.
Harris’s visit comes as New Mexico faces a surge in illegal migrants pouring into the state, and the Biden-Harris border crisis was created by their open and weak border policies. Biden’s border crisis has seen an epidemic of lethal drug smuggling, human trafficking, sex trafficking, gang activity and forced labor at the border.
Harris cares more about her political image than about actually solving Biden’s border crisis or she would have come before now, and she would have included a visit to the south Texas border where the problems are extreme.
“Today’s visit by the Vice President to El Paso seems to be a political stunt—to appease the many who have urged her to do something as the Border Czar,” said Robert Aragon, Republican Party of New Mexico 1st Vice Chairman. “President Biden tapped Harris to address the root problems of migration nearly 100 days ago, and there’s no plan to solve this crisis. More people than ever are pouring into the state, increasing the health risks and being willing to take jobs, pay and social benefits from hard-working citizens. Other governors are securing their borders, but Gov. Lujan Grisham refuses to secure our border or take any action to fight this problem.”
“This should have happened three months ago when President Biden named her as his Border Czar,” said U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell. “But more importantly, visiting the border needs to be more than just checking a box. To truly understand the crisis, Vice President Harris needs to hear from the ranchers, farmers, and residents who live with the effects of this administration’s open borders policy every day.”
Biden just announced a plan to control crime by taking guns from law-abiding citizens. His border agenda has empowered cartels and criminal organizations. If he truly wants to combat crime, maybe he should stop criminals and cartels at the border.
CBP Agents are arresting nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants a day – that’s the highest number in two decades. As of May, more than 88,000 illegal immigrants apprehended at the border have been released into the US. Illegal immigrants are leaving the border for other parts of the country, often without ID or COVID tests.
In May 180,034 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross the border – the highest one-month total in 21 years. This includes 14,158 unaccompanied children.
The overflow of migrants is staggering, and Biden is doing nothing to stop this crisis.

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