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Albuquerque May 20—The Republican Party of New Mexico wants to acknowledge its complete support for Israel as fighting continues in the Middle East. 

The Jewish State, the only true Democracy in the region, continues to be a friend and reliable ally to the United States. 

Hamas began the hostilities, firing rockets into Israel, and the goal of Hamas has always been to destroy the State of Israel and kill Jews. Hamas refuses to acknowledge the existence of Israel.

It’s sad that Democrats cannot come together to uniformly support Israel. This divide has become more and apparent. President Biden has weakened the stability in the Middle East after President Trump made significant progress striving for peace in the region.

The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce:

“It is imperative that we support Israel. The Jewish State provides political and military stability in that volatile region of the world. We will always stand with our friends. I have traveled to Israel and seen the destruction caused by such rocket attacks. Terrorists use tunnels under the border that allows weapons and supplies to be trucked in. Israel has pleaded with the United Nations to block these tunnels. Israel must be allowed to exist and to live in peace. Our party and our nation will always stand with Israel which has the right to defend itself.”

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