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Albuquerque, May 17–During a week that saw unprecedented homicide-related headlines, Melanie Stansbury continued her campaign of disrespecting law enforcement officers by declining an invitation to speak in front of a Fraternal Order of Police meeting. Stansbury’s support of the most dangerous legislation in America, the BREATHE Act, has become the central focus of the 1st Congressional District race. She has consistently taken positions on legislation that would defund the police at the federal level. Police Officers Memorial Day was also on May 15th

“Melanie Stansbury’s campaign is cratering because of her support for the BREATHE Act. Not taking a ten-minute drive to speak to and thank the Fraternal Order of Police during police week showed a total disregard for the brave law enforcement officers who work day in and day out to protect our communities. To make matters worse, Melanie couldn’t even be bothered to tweet anything about supporting our police. In fact, she tweeted more about dogs than support for law enforcement. But when you support legislation like the BREATHE Act that treats cops worse than criminals what can you expect? Melanie is more concerned about fitting in with her woke friends in Washington than providing real solutions for the residents of CD-1. It’s clear that Mark Moores is the only candidate in this race who will stand up for law enforcement, and that’s why he’s got all the momentum, and Stansbury’s campaign is floundering.”

  • Eric J Padilla says:

    If our party believes that Stansbury is so bad, then why are we not putting forth a candidate that’s worthy and promoting them as much as the democrats. Her television ads are pathetic, but yet they air more than our parties. Have we just given up cause NM is a blue state?

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