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April jobs report shows President Biden squanders strong economy.

Albuquerque, May 7—The April jobs report released today demonstrates that President Biden is putting President Trump’s robust economy in reverse. The latest jobs report, expected to reveal 978,000 new jobs, saw a weak increase of just 266,000. Government jobs accounted for 48,000 of those new jobs.
The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on the jobs report:

“This job growth is a total disaster. President Biden is unraveling four years of job growth and a strong economy created by the Trump Administration. We’re still seeing higher unemployment and Biden keeps defending extending jobless benefits. All this is happening while his pricey rescue packages will eventually tax us to death and hurl America into further debt. Biden’s policies and executive orders are putting us on a dangerous path that will cause irreparable damage to our nation.”

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