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RPNM statement on President Biden's national address before Congress.

Albuquerque, April 28—The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on President Biden’s national address this evening to a joint session of Congress:

“The President’s speech tonight was an attempt to dupe Americans about what’s really happening in our great nation. Biden says ‘America is on the move,’ but his first 100 days in office have been a setback for America—a real failure. What you heard this evening was pure leftist agenda spin at its best. The President talks about great accomplishments and future plans, but his wild liberal tax and spend policies are killing our country. Biden’s infrastructure plan is nothing but a massive $2 trillion tax hike that will destroy jobs and families. He fails to follow science to reopen schools but wants to invest nearly $2 trillion in his education and child care plan. That will mean a massive tax hike for Americans. He knows that all of us will eventually have to pay the piper. The President’s early executive orders are already killing livelihoods, industries, and our national economy. Biden has also been a failure at the border where unaccompanied minors are suffering at the cartel’s profits. Biden is only paying attention to far-left progressives and is not uniting our nation as he had promised. What he is doing is mortgaging our future.”

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