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Chairman Pearce and Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson announce details of RPNM's "Operation Freedom" next month.

  • anonymous says:

    Is this really a thing? So much for helping out NM. You just giving TX all the $$. Business owners in NM apparently don’t matter much to the GOP. SMH sad.

    • Nelson Spear says:

      Because the Democrat Governor of NM refuses to have and public events, the fundraiser was moved to Texas.

      • Jupiter says:

        …at a hotel that has a mask mandate. Hahaha, how stupid is that? What’s the Marine motto? Improvise, adapt, overcome. What does the GOP do? Criticize, whine, and complain. WAHHH

        • Jim says:

          The back ground sign in back of the photo of the Republican Party going to Texas Trump whiners do u expect to gain the Latino vote with u kissing up to a racist, and bigot good luck G O P u r following Couy Griffin’s rhetoric .

  • Jupiter says:

    How stupid is it to protest the state mask mandate by having a convention in another state but at a hotel that has a mask mandat? ROFLMAO

  • Richard says:

    Welcome NewMexico Republicans.Mask or no mask! Amarillo is ready to help you. With the speakers you are bringing in. This convention is already a winner. The only bad part will be the fake news people will be here to.

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