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RPNM statement on today's passage of Abortion bill SB 10 by the New Mexico Senate.

Albuquerque, February 11–The New Mexico Senate this afternoon passed SB-10, a radical extension of abortions in New Mexico. The vote was 25-17 with two Democratic Senators joining Republicans in opposing this bad bill.

“This is a sad day for New Mexico. It’s unthinkable that this bill has passed. Life is sacred, and this horrible legislation is immoral and wrong. This bill allows for late-term abortions and provides no protection for young girls, women, and health care workers. This bill also eliminates the ‘conscience protection clause’ that would allow health professionals to opt-out of procedures they oppose based on moral, ethical, or religious grounds. New Mexico will continue to be known as the late-term abortion capital of the country. This is a shameful bill that gives the abortion industry carte blanche and endangers the lives and health of girls and women in our state.”

The New Mexico House is expected to take up the bill next week.

Gov. Lujan Grisham supports the legislation.

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