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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 20—Today Gov. Lujan Grisham placed further COVID-19 restrictions on New Mexicans, and despite her best efforts, the governor continues to mishandle our state’s crisis. We’re sure the governor means well, but her latest restrictions will gut businesses, destroy our economy and continue to punish students, teachers and parents.

Gov. Lujan Grisham continues to experiment with solutions instead of fixing New Mexico.

Today’s restrictions are another attack on businesses: forced closings, threats and mandates that will kill more jobs, shutter more doors and lead to more despair.

While New Mexicans suffer amid the most restrictive COVID-19 rules in the nation, the governor has no concrete plan and offers no logical agenda. It’s bad leadership. For the past eight months, the governor has made piecemeal, arbitrary decisions that defy logic and have now plunged the state in the depths of COVID-19. What’s happened to New Mexico is her fault.

Since March the governor’s mandates have led to a collapsed economy, a massive state deficit, more than 100,000 job losses, hundreds of permanently shuttered restaurants, countless livelihoods taken and mental anguish across New Mexico.

Students suffer academically and mentally as a result of the governor’s decision to have online schooling. Many have no computers, reliable internet and face nutritional challenges, creating a dangerous class divide in learning. Add this to the worst education system in the nation and you’ve caused a complete education meltdown in New Mexico.

The governor must be accountable for her failings. She has scapegoated both New Mexicans and the Trump Administration for the state’s devastation created by her mishandling of the virus from day one.

“Locking down New Mexico more is not the answer. It’s not going to fix the problem the governor has created,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “Florida reopened, and Floridians persevered. We must get our state moving again. We have to get back to normal. New Mexicans are strong, good people, but they cannot be forced to live by the governor’s arbitrary rules. We must have a choice. The governor has always spoken of her ‘science’ when making decisions, but where’s the real data? Using her ‘data’ New Mexico has become one of the worst states for COVID-19.”

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