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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

A KRQE investigative report reveals that days after Gov. Lujan Grisham shut down non-essential businesses and sternly lectured New Mexicans to stay home, she discreetly used her political power to reopen an Albuquerque jewelry store to make a personal purchase. While locally owned mom-and-pop businesses were shuttered, Lujan Grisham slipped under the radar and compelled a store employee to get her jewelry. Her sneaky and deceitful action violated her own order and the public trust of New Mexicans.

Store employees described how the buy was arranged and how multiple people were involved in the momentary reopening at the behest of the governor. But when asked about the violation, a governor’s spokesman twisted the employee’s story of what happened and even said the purchase was “permissible.”

The governor’s spokesman went on to distort the truth by saying that any business could have done this, that if a New Mexican has a personal relationship with local business and they try to operate creatively, this kind of transaction could have occurred.

Tell that to a local nursery owner who tried to save his livelihood and was then threatened with fines by the Administration. Tell that to a local barber who was told she couldn’t cut her husband’s hair or she’d be fined. Tell that to the businesses forced to close for good.

It’s shameful that the governor’s hypocrisy knows no bounds and that her Office tries to deflect the truth by building a lie upon a lie.

“It’s shocking that the governor would go behind peoples’ back and break her own order just to benefit herself,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “She’ll go to any lengths to get her way and refuses to take care of New Mexicans in a fair and just way. This was really disgraceful, especially since so many people have been hurting for so long.”

The governor’s hypocritical and dishonorable behavior exemplifies the last months of harsh and inequitable treatment of small businesses, owners and others. She is a bully, fines establishments, violates peoples’ rights, makes up her own rules and then breaks them.

It’s sad to see New Mexicans treated with such disrespect while so many have suffered and sacrificed.

Her “let them eat cake” attitude is hurtful and insulting.

The governor’s authoritarian actions have revealed who she is and that she doesn’t practice what she preaches. She rules and scolds when she should protect and help New Mexicans.

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