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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico
RPNM wholeheartedly supports today’s New Mexico House Republicans’ letter calling on Gov. Lujan Grisham to modify orders to ensure New Mexicans are treated with justice, fairness and equality
The Republican Party of New Mexico stands with our 24 New Mexico House Republicans who submitted a letter to Gov. Lujan Grisham, charging she’s chosen to “frighten the populace into compliance” while trampling on peoples’ civil rights through intimidation during this pandemic. The lawmakers say threats of fines are unjust and that government must be fair and equitable when it comes to opening establishments, noting all liberties must be protected.

The letter criticizes the governor’s uniform approach to our crisis and urges she consider New Mexicans’ civil rights, the voice of towns and counties and the economic impact that her policies are inflicting on locally-owned businesses. All House Republicans are imploring the governor to responsibly and logically open up businesses and establishments to ensure fairness, while adhering to sensible health practices.

The letter discusses how big box stores have been favored over the little guys in New Mexico, the ones that make our economic engine run. Lawmakers note that people are riding a wave of despair, some are dying, unable to get non-COVID-19 medical treatment, and the state is on the brink of an economic collapse from which we may never recover. They fear livelihoods may never return from the economic ruin.

The Republican Party totally supports the House Republicans letter.

“Every New Mexican is essential when it comes to making our state run,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “We are now in a steady free fall because the governor won’t look at the fiscal and economic health that’s gone to ruins. Outside states are gobbling up our local dollars while mom and pop business remain shuttered and Main Streets becomes ghost towns. We’re dealing with a sad and dangerous situation now: lost business, its financial impact, peoples’ mental health, denial of surgeries and treatment at hospitals. We must have a solid plan that’s fair to all businesses and citizens. The governor must look at what areas can slowly open, areas where there are few and no cases of COVID-19 to start with. New Mexicans are crying out for help, explanations and real solutions.”

New Mexico‘s stay-at home order is set to be in place until at least May 15.

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