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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

Dear Friends,

The U.S. Senate and Congressional Republican field will be more crowded in the June 2 Primary Election. More federal candidates have now been certified by the Secretary of State’s Office after last week’s filing deadline.
Four more U.S. Senate and Congressional candidates will be on the ballot. All four have successfully received additional signatures and were certified yesterday by the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office. On March 7, these candidates hadn’t received enough votes–the necessary minimum 20%– at the Pre-Primary State Convention to qualify for the ballot in their respective races.

In the U.S. Senate race, Gavin Clarkson will now be on the ballot after he collected an additional 1,503 signatures. He’ll join Elisa Martinez and Mark Ronchetti, who both received more than the required 20% at the Convention.

In the 1st Congressional District race, Brett Kokinadis has qualified as a candidate after he gathered the additional 410 signatures needed. Michelle Garcia Holmes and Jared Vander Dussen are on that slate.

In the 2nd Congressional District battle, Chris Mathys collected the 630 signatures he needed to be certified. He’ll be on the ballot with Yvette Herrell and Claire Chase.

In the 3rd Congressional District race, Alexis Johnson will now be on the ballot after she collected the additional 463 signatures required. She joins Harry Montoya and Karen Bedonie in that race.

In addition, there will be a certified Republican write-in candidate in the 3rd Congressional District. Angela Gale Morales of Rio Rancho has declared her candidacy.

The New Mexico Primary is June 2.

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