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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

Do we live in a Police State now?

Tonight in Albuquerque City Council will consider a health emergency proposal that could seriously infringe on our rights as citizens. It’s all about big government control.
Council will take up legislation that would expand Mayor Tim Keller’s “emergency powers” to cover an actual or imminent infectious disease outbreak “that presents an unusual threat to the health or safety of the residents of the City or threatens to unreasonably strain the medical or emergency” resources available.

Under the suggested emergency powers expansion, the Mayor could close streets and bars, stop the sale of gasoline, prevent people from buying firearms and even close stores that sell firearms or ammunition. Okay. What’s happening here is that city government is using too much authority. The left-leaning administration at City Hall is trying to control what we do. Where are our rights? This government proposal would again take away our freedoms and our 2nd Amendment rights.  So, you can’t protect yourself now if an emergency strikes, even in a health crisis? Here’s one of the sections of the bill–it would allow the City to:

“Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of any firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever, or in the alternative, order the closing of all establishments or portions thereof where arms and/or ammunition are kept for sale or distribution.”

“This is an unnecessary action for the city to take and a blatant infringement on our basic rights,” said Steve Pearce, Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Ordering closures based on firearms and ammunition is something that cannot be tolerated. Again, a progressive administration is attacking our rights for no reason, just as the legislature passed the Red Flag bill.”

The measure is expected to be taken up and voted on this evening at Albuquerque City Hall.

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