Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

This election legislation crosses out phrases deep into bill that deceitfully reverses current voter ID law.

Call it a deliberate and quiet legislative attempt at the Roundhouse to kill a Republican Party lawsuit.

In a proposed legislative bill called the Election Laws Cleanup Act (HB 229), progressive Democrats slyly removed language that requires absentee ballots to have three forms of voter identification: name, address and year of birth.

The Democrats’ subversive action literally undoes voter identification requirements that are now law, a mandate that helps stop election fraud. New Mexico law requires that these three ID qualifications be written on an absentee ballot.

Why would Democrats suddenly want to do this? Such a move would cause election chaos and lead to more voter fraud. Under this bill, anyone could send in a ballot with wrong information and the electoral process would be damaged. Anyone who gets a hold of a ballot could use it in any way he wants. There would be no way of knowing if a submitted absentee ballot came from the right voter.

So why would the left-leaning Democrats really want to allow no form of voter ID?

Revenge. Possibly.

This bill is a subtle way to change the law in order to kill a Republican Party lawsuit that exposes election violations surrounding absentee ballots.

But maybe it is a reflection that the Left does not care if people cheat. Why else would they make it easier?

Last Fall the Republican Party of New Mexico sued the Secretary of State and the Dona Ana County Clerk’s Office after it was discovered they ignored that 2019 law that requires absentee voters to provide their name, address and year of birth. The Party’s lawsuit charged that the Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, wrongly allowed local officials to count absentee ballots even though at least one of the three ID qualifications was missing. The Republican Party of New Mexico lawsuit charged the defendants did nothing to fix this problem, despite the fact the election law was broken.

RPNM found out at least 70 of these ballots had at least one of the three necessary pieces of information missing.

What must happen is to stop HB 229. It drips with partisan venom to quietly change the law to defeat the Party’s lawsuit, a legal action that aims to stop such absentee violations and to keep New Mexico elections fair.

The sponsors of the bill are Rep. Linda Trujillo Linda M. Trujillo [email protected] (505) 986-4436 and Sen. Daniel A. Ivey-Soto [email protected] (505) 986-4270.The bill sits in the House Rules & Order of Business Committee. Don’t let this legislation advance! Contact these lawmakers and others in the legislature to stop this bill that opens the door to election fraud.

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