New Mexico Secretary Of State’s Election Violations Mirror Infractions In Other States

Posted On November 5, 2020


ALBUQUERQUE, NOVEMBER 5 — It appears the Democratic playbook this election across the country is to violate or ignore election laws in order to make political gains.

New Mexico law clearly states that poll challengers are allowed to be a part of absentee ballot certification to help assure election integrity.

In New Mexico, RPNM uncovered multiple election law violations: RPNM filed a lawsuit against the state to address poll workers wrongfully and illegally booted from a certification site in Dona Ana County. They were denied the right to do their job. Infractions happened in other counties as well.

What has happened in New Mexico is now occurring in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. In all three of these states with Democratic governors, people are being excluded from the vote count.

Republican poll challengers are being denied entry in these states as votes are being tallied. The Party and Trump Campaign demand better access for campaign observers.

The Republican National Committee and Donald J. Trump for President Inc. have filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State and numerous counties for wrongfully extending deadlines, circumventing state law and “bringing more chaos and uncertainty to the process.”

Part of that “chaos” included the exclusion of Republican poll workers from getting legal access to the ballot count.

These are the kinds of violations that had not been dealt with by New Mexico election officials at both the state and county level. The New Mexico Supreme Court, in a very political move, refused to even take up the election integrity case.

“The Democrats here and in these other states are eliminating transparency during key portions of the counting process. This is the national Democratic playbook,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “The law is set up to prevent voter fraud. Just as President Trump is seeing comfortable leads evaporate in key states without having access allowed by law, several key races in New Mexico now hinge on a few ballots being certified without Republicans being allowed access.”


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