Monday, February 10, 2020

Posted On February 10, 2020


Over the weekend the House Judiciary Committee cleared an omnibus crime bill that includes HB35 and HB113, Republican-backed legislation that increases penalties for anyone carrying a firearm during a crime and raises penalties for felons who possess firearms.

“This bipartisan omnibus crime package is a step in the right direction to finally address New Mexico’s crime problem.” said Rep. Bill Rehm (R) Albuquerque. “We’re targeting the most violent and threatening members of our community who use a gun.”

Albuquerque’s murder rate has skyrocketed this past year due to poor city leadership, and the city has been labeled among the most dangerous nationwide. Part of the problem has been progressive Democrats at the Roundhouse, who in the past, have ignored Republicans’ calls to crack down on this serious problem.

The crime package heads to the full House.


It’s sad that the Democrats would kill an amendment that would assist at-risk children in New Mexico. This weekend the House of Representatives debated House Joint Resolution 1, a Democrat-sponsored constitutional amendment that would increase the distribution from the Land Grant Permanent Fund for early childhood education.  Representative Rebecca Dow (R)-Truth or Consequences introduced an amendment that would focus the Land Grant Permanent Fund distributions on the 20% of students in New Mexico who are low-income or at-risk and need it the most.  Her amendment was killed on a party-line vote 44-24.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear Democrats tout their half a billion-dollar investment in early childhood while also stating children are worse off than ever. Here’s why- policy and data matter!” said Rep. Dow. “We must target on the 20% percent of underserved children who need our help the most.”


The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to debate SB115, the recreational marijuana bill, on Wednesday. The bills’ sponsors have recently been making some changes to the bill before it’s heard to make it more “palatable.” The Republican Party’s position is to oppose this bill. Many Republicans and conservative Democrats are concerned about more crime, underage use, more addition, and driving impairment. Does the governor really think this will be a huge revenue boost? Let’s fix our drug abuse and crime problem first.

Rep. Paul Bandy is a rancher who lives in Aztec and represents San Juan County. He’s been a Representative since 2007.

Committees: Appropriations & Finance, Agriculture & Water Resources, Rules & Order of Business

Rep. Larry Scott is from Hobbs and represents Lea County. Rep. Scott is an engineer and has been a Representative since 2015.

Committees: Energy, Environment & Natural Resources, Taxation & Revenue

Sen. Craig Brandt lives in Rio Rancho and represents Sandoval County. Sen. Brandt is a clergyman who’s been in the Senate since 2013.

Committees: Education, Public Affairs

Today the House will reconvene at 10:30am and the Senate will reconvene at 11am.
For more information about bills, lawmakers and happenings at the Roundhouse,
go to the
 New Mexico Legislature website.

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