A Call For Unity From Chairman Steve Pearce

Posted On June 3, 2020

Now that the Primary is over, many candidates may well feel the sting and wounds of political battle and the bruises of a heated and hard-fought campaign.

But wounds heal, and it’s time to look ahead–together.

Election 2020 is critical to our state’s future, and unity is critical. It’s imperative candidates dust themselves off and commit themselves to the values and principles that represent New Mexico’s Republican Party and to the traditional values of most New Mexicans. Candidates must put aside their differences, rally behind every nominee and wholeheartedly support the winner in a unified quest for victory in November.

Together, we will not only boost our nominees to victory but also secure a great future for New Mexico.

Some Primary races were not without heated moments and choice words, but now it is time to use our collective energy to inspire our base and earn the votes of Independents and Conservative Democrats.

We can do this with a bold vision–together.

“A House divided against itself cannot stand,” remarked Abraham Lincoln on his day of reckoning. This election is OUR day of reckoning. It’s time to pull together during this critical time in New Mexico history to put the state on a better track, turn our Washington delegation red and make our courts work for people, not criminals.

What we can’t do is stand idle.

In 2018 more than 149,000 Republican voters stayed home. Had those voters cast ballots, our Roundhouse and Congressional delegation would look much different today. We have to support our nominees, promote their agendas and motivate people to flock to the polls this fall.

A vote means something, a vote is choice, a vote brings change, a vote is power.

Let’s turn New Mexico red, re-elect President Trump, and steer New Mexico to a better future–together.


                                            Steve Pearce
Republican Party of New Mexico

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