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March 5—One day before Super Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court rendered a unanimous decision in favor of former President Donald Trump, allowing him to remain on the primary election ballot in Colorado. The ruling reversed the state’s Supreme Court decision, which attempted to accuse the former President of “insurrection” and consequently sought to disqualify him by invoking the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court’s ruling reinforces that Congress, not individual states, is responsible for enforcing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

The unanimous opinion was a stinging rebuke to those on the left, including so-called “constitutional specialists” who persistently claimed this case against Trump would be a surefire win.

“The Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for the American people and democracy. Progressive Democrats seem to have lost sight of what  “democracy” means in their pursuit of these attempts to disqualify their leading political opponent. The Court’s decision reinforces the right of the American people to decide who the next President of the United States will be,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce.

The case was expedited by the justices, who subsequently issued their decision with just one day to go before the primary contests of over a dozen states. Additionally, more than one-third of the delegates for the Republican National Convention (RNC) will be elected during the Super Tuesday elections.

The Supreme Court is still deliberating on other cases involving former President Trump but appeared to be sensitive to the political implications of this particular case by adding an extra day to its ordinary calendar just to issue this opinion.

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