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GOP Bills to Watch

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HB 51 – Gross receipts tax cut.

HB – 82 – Appropriation for the enhancement, expansion & continuing implementation of the New Mexico Historic Women Marker Program.

HB  107 – Mending the medical malpractice act to change the limitation of recovery for certain claims against hospitals and outpatient health care facilities that are hospital-controlled.

HB 111 – Funding for the completion of New Mexico’s border wall.

historic women marker program.

HB 110 – Instills penalties for abortion providers who kill a fetus with a detectable heartbeat. Requires they inform the mother of the fetus’ heartbeat.

HB 121 – Requiring assessments and investigation into CYFD failures to provide plan of care.

HB 124 – Creates a bipartisan committee of legislators from both the House and Senate to ensure sufficient checks and balances are applied to administrative rules. This bipartisan committee will prevent current and future governors and their unelected appointees from abusing the administrative rule process to seize law and mandate-making ability without the approval of the elected legislature.

HB 150 – Proposes a renewable energy production tax equivalent to the oil and gas severance tax.

HB 167 – Requiring medical care for all infants who are born alive.

HB 180 – Parenting and Pregnancy Resource Website and Hotline.

HB  203 – The department shall establish a mileage reimbursement rate for ambulance providers that render services to Medicaid patients.

HB  205 – Enacting the Women’s Bill of Rights Act; protecting women-only sports and facilities.

HB  219 – Reducing the rates of the gross receipts tax and the compensating tax.

HB  223 – Requiring all voters to present identification before voting; providing for free identification cards to be issued by the MVD.

HB  243 – Securing the procedure of mailed-in ballots at droboxes.

HB  248 – Removing the income cap for the social security income exemption pursuant to the income tax act.

HB  280 – Creating a flat individual income tax rate of one percent.

HB  284 – (bipartisan) Relating to CYFD. Requiring the use of state-issued electronic devices when performing departmental duties; requiring the backup and retention of electronic records.

HJR 8 – Limit the governor’s emergency powers to 90 days unless she gets a 3/5 approval vote from the legislature.

HM  24 – Urging the US Congress to allocate funds and attention to ensure public safety at the New Mexico-Mexico border.

HR 1 Articles of impeachment against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

SB 26 – (bipartisan) Makes an appropriation to the board of regents of NMSU for the NM Dept of Agriculture’s existing livestock Mexican wolf compensation program.

SB 27 – Appropriation to the NM Department of Agriculture to fund and provide rootstock or vines for new vineyards in NM.

SB 37 – (bipartisan) Authorizing the NM livestock board to conduct meat inspections to ensure the safety and quality of meat for human consumption.

SB 51 – Authorizing the creation of a state meat inspection program to ensure the safety and quality of meat for human consumption.

SB 52 – Provide emergency funding to rural and frontier hospitals with fewer than thirty-five beds.

SB  53 – Amending the medical malpractice act to change the limitation of recovery for certain claims against hospitals and outpatient health care facilities that are hospital-controlled.

SB 83 – Requiring CYFD to conduct assessments and provide services upon failure to comply with a plan of care.

SB 93 – Appropriation for research and development of chile harvesting solutions and marketing of chile grown in NM.

SB 105 – Reducing the rates of several types of taxes and repealing other taxes.

SB 107 – A tax credit for each qualifying rural job the employer creates.

SB 117 – Increasing the amount of the special needs adopted child tax credit.

SB 112 – Allowing pregnant women in their third trimester to be issued temporary significant mobility limitation parking placards.

SB 125 – Make tax exemption on military retirement income permanent.

SB  172 – Relating to timber; removing the authority of the forestry division of the energy, minerals and natural resources department to acquire land or interest in land by gift or purchase in the name of the state pursuant to the forest conservation act.

SB  194 – Making amendments to the emergency powers code providing for the automatic termination of a PHO that closes places or limits gatherings. Renewal of a PHO must be done under the authorization of the legislature.

SB  229 – Securing the procedure of mailed-in ballots at droboxes.

HB  240 – Veteran PTSD program.

SB  251 – Adjusting the rate of the gross receipts tax to a rate based on individual sales.

SM2 -Repeal the EIB’s electric vehicle mandate.

SM3 – A memorial to support Israel and condemn Hamas.

Education Bills to Watch

(Check back for constant updates)

HB 70 – Appropriation to provide school-based mental health counselors in public middle and high schools.

HB  74 – Clarifying that local school boards and governing bodies of charter schools shall determine the total number of instructional days per year and the number of instructional days per week that students are required to be in school programs.

HB  105 – Providing for the authorization of school tuition organizations to award educational scholarships to certain low-income students to attend private schools; creating the educational scholarship income tax credit and the educational scholarship corporate income tax credit.

HB  132 – Enhancing and expanding enforcement provisions to reduce excessive absenteeism; making it a crime for a parent of an excessively absent student to allow that student to continue being absent from school.

HB  244 – Career and technical education courses offered by high schools shall be a part of a series of at least three courses that are part of a single program of study that is relevant to a career field or industry certification.

HB  246 – Requiring one-half unit of financial literacy prior to high school graduation.

HM 11 – Requesting PED create a work group to study ways to help schools with absent children.

HB  296 – Enacting the Parental Bill of Rights Act to increase transparency between parents and their child’s school.

HB  279 – (bipartisan) Making an appropriation to the board of regents of New Mexico State University for the stem outreach center for the expansion of stem technology labs statewide.

HB  281 – Expanding eligibility for the lottery tuition scholarship program.

HB  294 – A tax credit for parents who purchase education enrichment services for a qualified student.

HJR  6 – Replaces the public education commission with the state board of education that determines public school policy and has control, management and direction, including financial direction of distribution of school funds and financial accounting.

HJR  14 – Provide by law a program to provide state funding to parents or legal guardians of school-age children for home school or private school.

SB  67 – Provide financial incentives to school districts to encourage students enrolled in grades nine through twelve to enroll in and successfully complete qualified industry credential programs or qualified workplace training programs.


Democrat Anti-2A Bills

(Check back for constant updates)

HB 27 – Seeks to expand the State Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law. It empowers law enforcement officers and unspecified licensed healthcare professionals to petition for extreme risk protective orders. Immediate firearm surrender is required upon service of these orders.

HB 114 –  Would make the firearms industry an easy target for litigation that could put them out of business.

HB 127 – Raises the minimum age to purchase or possess a firearm to 21 years old.

HB 129 – Adds a 14-day waiting period to a firearm purchase.

HB 137 – Semiautomatic rifle ban.

HB 144 – Creates the bureaucratic “Office of Gun Violence Prevention and Intervention.”

SB 5 – Makes 100 feet of all polling places, and 50 feet within a voting drobox gun-free zones under penalty.

SB 69 – Requires a 14-day waiting period for firearm purchases.

SB 90 – Imposing an additional tax on firearms and ammunition.

SB 204 – Would ban carrying a firearm at a park or playground.

SJR 12 – Amends the NM constitution to allow municipalities and counties to regulate firearms in a manner that is more restrictive than state law.

GOP Pro-2A Bills

(Check back for constant updates)

HB 81 – (bipartisan) Tax credit for those who purchase a secure gun storage box equal to the amount of the gun storage.

HB 79 – Provides a partial gross receipts tax reduction for selling firearms and ammunition.

HB 78 – Constitutional carry bill.

HB 58 – Eliminate the background check requirement for firearm purchases.

HB 266 – Creating the gun storage income tax credit.

HM 27 – Condemn Gov. MLG’s executive order and public health emergency order to prohibit firearm possession as malfeasance in office, thereby warranting impeachment.

GOP Crime Bills

(Check back for constant updates)

HJR 3 – Remove the requirements that only courts of record may deny bail and that only prosecuting authorities may request a hearing to determine whether bail is denied, to allow courts to deny bail for all types of criminal offenses.

HB 44 – Establishing a pre-trial presumption that a defendant has proven dangerous by clear and convincing evidence and no release conditions will protect the safety of the community.

HB 46 – Penalty for a felon in possession of a firearm is five years imprisonment.

HB 47 – Creating a crime of unlawfully carrying a firearm while trafficking controlled substances.

HB 56 – Clarifying that trespassing includes persons who knowingly enter without prior permission or remain on the lands of another knowing that the owner or lawful occupant did not provide permission; increasing the penalty for trespass in certain circumstances.

HB 57 – Chemical castration for sex offenders.

HB 60 – Makes necrophilia a crime.

HB 61 – Increasing the penalty for aggravated battery upon a peace officer.

HB 63 – Requiring the department of health to develop, maintain and oversee a cannabis school use prevention resource program;

HB 64 – Clarifying cannabis packaging requirements pertaining to children’s safety.

HB 65 – Removing limitations on what may constitute reasonable suspicion of a crime involving cannabis

HB 69 – Creating the crime of organized residential theft; prescribing penalties.

HB 77 – Reinstate the death penalty

HB 80 – Relating to CYFD. Creating the crimes of assault and aggravated assault against a public service worker and battery and aggravated battery against a public service worker

HB 96 – Increasing the penalty for resisting, evading or obstructing an officer to a fourth degree felony.

HB 97 – Would establish a taskforce to study the issue and recommend solutions to the problem of a rising number of infants exposed to toxic substances such as fentanyl in utero and its secondary effects.

HB 106 – Exposure of a child to a controlled substance will constitute as child abuse.

HB 109 – Aggravated criminal sexual penetration and criminal sexual penetration of a child shall be punished by death.

HB 152 – Prohibiting driving with controlled substances or

Metabolites in the blood

HB 155 – Providing three strikes for violent felons for the purposes of life imprisonment; eliminating the possibility of parole. Providing that certain convictions incurred by a defendant before the age of eighteen shall constitute violent felonies

HB 206 – (bipartisan) Increasing penalties for sexual offenses against children.

HB 226 – (bipartisan) Criminal history and background checks as a condition of eligibility for cannabis licensure.

HB 295 – Enacting the protection of minors from distribution of harmful material act.

HM 3 – Requesting the secretary of health to convene a task force to study the prevalence, effects and lifetime fiscal impacts of prenatal substance exposure and adverse neonatal outcomes; requesting that the final results of the study be reported to the legislature.

SB 66 – Increasing the penalty of making a shooting threat to a fourth degree felony

SB 73 – Reinstating the death penalty for murdering a peace officer

SJR 11 – Allow conditions for denial of bail and for pretrial detention. Remove the requirement that bail denial be made only by a court of record and remove the limitation of bail denial to defendants charged with a felony.

SB 102 – Adding certain crimes to the definition of “Racketeering”; defining “Criminal gang”; creating crimes; prescribing penalties.

SB 107 – Increasing the amount of the rural job tax credit; making the credit refundable and removing transferability

SB 122 – Establishing a rebuttable presumption that no release conditions will reasonably protect the safety of any other person or the community if a defendant is likely to pose a threat to the safety of others if released pending trial.

SB 154 – Amending the rights of sexual assault survivors. Providing more resources and avenues for police to investigate these crimes.

Democrat Anti-Energy Bills

(Check back for constant updates)

HB 32 – Would require numerous onerous new regulations on most oil and gas facilities within a mile diameter of schools.

HB 41 – Clean Transportation Fuels Standard would raise gas prices by .50 a gallon.

HB 48 –  Would dramatically increase “royalties” (taxes) on the oil and gas industry.

HB 133 – Amend the Oil and Gas Act and institute new gas-killing regulations.

SJR 8 – Would allow frivolous lawsuits in the name of environmental rights

SB 2 – Would further harm the oil and gas industry by increasing the royalty rates for oil and gas tracts of land through the New Mexico State Land Office

Additional Bad Democrat Bills to Watch

(Check back for constant updates)

HB 6 – Would codify a 12-week paid family and medical leave program. This act forces employees and employers to pay out of pocket into a fund managed by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. Employees will be required to contribute an additional .5% of their wages and employers an additional .4% to this fund.

HB 11– Would codify a six-week paid family medical leave program. Employees will be required to contribute an additional .5% of their wages to this fund.

HB 179 – Would increase prices on beer and cider by 651%, wine by 376%, spirits by 353%, and fortified wine by 161%.

HB 182 – Anti-first amendment. Creates a new broad definition of ‘materially deceptive media” and creates a crime for distributing it.

HM 8 – An anti-Israel memorial.

SB 3 – Would codify a 12-week paid family medical leave. Employees will be required to contribute an additional .5% of their wages and employers an additional .4% to this fund.

SB 72 – Add additional tax to tobacco products, making future purchases more expensive.

SB 136 – Appropriates 1 million taxpayer dollars for the Governor, Lt. Governor, and her cabinet to purchase new electric vehicles to use throughout their term of office.

SB 147 – Adds an additional tax to liquor purchases making future purchases more expensive.

SB 158 – Creates a “constitutional revision commission” of 15 people appointed by the governor and others to study and recommend changes to the NM constitution.

SM 6 – Anti-Israel memorial.

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