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Today, we take time to remember the events of September 11th, 2001, when ruthless terrorists attacked our nation, claiming thousands of American lives, and how our country was able to come together in the aftermath for healing.

9/11 shook our nation, but it also brought out the “hero” in every American. First responders in New York City rushed to save lives, many losing their own in the wreckage, and people from all walks of life gave whatever they could to offer relief to the survivors. 

It was a time when America was hurting, but we all knew we were in this fight together.  We will never forget what happened on 9/11, nor will we forget what America is capable of if we all stand united.

  • 911 Never Forget, J6 Never Forgive says:

    Twenty-two years ago the heroic passengers of Flight 93 took it upon themselves to prevent terrorist from crashing a plane into the US Capital building. Through their courage and patriotism many lives where saved and they preserved a symbol of American democracy.

    Two years and eight months ago the J6 insurrectionist at the behest of Donald Judas Trump attacked the US Capital building with the expressed goal of over throwing American democracy. While attempting a coup they literally and figuratively sh-it in the halls of the same building. Since then Conservatives have been continuously sh-iting on the US Constitution and the American public by spreading the big lie that the terrorism of J6 was justified.

    In the aftermath of 911, Congress passed the Patriot Act and America sent the millennials of to fight wars for two decades and we told ourselves we would, Never Forget. But sadly many of us have forgotten what it means to be an American, the Right’s continued embrace of Trump, the big lie, and fascism bear that sad fact out.

    We need to start addressing the terrorist and traitors in our mist as the threat that they are.

    The country needs to follow NM’s example and use the 14th Amendment to stop insurrectionist from holding office. We need to use the anti-terrorism actions authorized by the Patriot Act to stop the funding of domestic terrorism and the spreading of Big Lie mind virus that has infected Conservatives.

    The terrorist attack on 911lead to the War on Terror, the treason of J6 demands a War on Fascism.

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