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July 20—During the summer heat, Gov. Lujan Grisham would rather leave New Mexicans without reliable power resources to appease the radical green elites.

Gov. Lujan Grisham should know our state has very hot summers and that New Mexicans overwhelmingly depend on electricity generated by fossil fuels. Power the Future observed that only 7% of renewable energy was used this week during the 101-degree weather in Albuquerque.

The Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) warned the state of impending blackouts when Lujan Grisham forced them to close their San Juan Generating Station as part of her Energy Transition Act. Renewable energy infrastructure was not in place or ready to meet her demand. Sadly it seems she didn’t care and left New Mexicans alone to suffer the consequences. 

One thing is certain, while Gov. Lujan Grisham continues to push her zero-emissions mini–Green New Deal, it is once again New Mexico’s oil and gas workers who ensure your families have reliable energy during our hot summer months. 

  • JH Cole says:

    Your facts are wrong and you don’t know what the majority of voters care about. We want to know what you think about all the convictions and indictments GA, NY and the DoJ are lighting under Loser Trump. Most voters care more about justice for all, not whether big oil is making a lot of money.

    As to energy, under Biden’s policies the US is producing more oil than any time in our history, and in NM big oil and gas are thriving even as we ramp up clean energy investment. Energy’s future is in renewables and few voters trust GOP fossil-fuel hacks to take us there.

  • BoomersinDenial says:

    The RPNM is worthless and should know that our world will having increasingly hot summers throughout the 21st century as a result of climate change.

    We are experience record heat waves DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE, and the GOP has only weak and nonsensical criticism and no solutions. This is some serious Boomer BS and Millennials and Gen Z aren’t going to tolerate this shit any longer.

    How many blackouts did NM experience during the record heat? What is the point of this article other than to so doubt about the reality of climate change and shill for the oil industry?


    Going forward if a party doesn’t have a plan for action on climate change they don’t belong in US Politics.

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