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Otero County, July 17 — On Sunday, Alamogordo police officer Anthony Ferguson died from his injuries after being shot following a routine traffic stop on Saturday. The alleged shooter was out on pretrial release for previous felony and misdemeanor charges, including pulling a gun on officers in January of this year.

The Republican Party of New Mexico’s First Vice Chairwoman and Otero County Commissioner for District 2, Amy Barela, issued the following statement:

“Officer Anthony Ferguson was an exceptional individual who served in the Alamogordo Police Department for 11 years, demonstrating unwavering commitment, bravery, selflessness, and a genuine passion for upholding justice. This tragedy reminds us of the inherent risks law enforcement officers face daily while safeguarding our streets and protecting the lives of New Mexicans. 

We cannot ignore the broken criminal justice system that allowed violent criminals like this suspect to be released back onto the streets. It’s time this administration takes accountability for these great losses and ends the casualties of New Mexico’s broken bail reform laws.

RPNM expresses our gratitude to the law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, and medical professionals who promptly arrived at the scene and did everything in their power to save Officer Ferguson’s life. We extend our prayers and deepest sympathies to Officer Ferguson’s family and loved ones.”

  • JH Cole says:

    The former law and order party has a point because fair bail is hard to manage and laws need frequent revision. Judges need guidance and flexibility at the same time.
    However, this shooter had never been charged with a violent crime so it’s unfair to call him a “violent criminal” and blame bail laws.

    Now “law and order party” leaders (?), tell us what you think about Loser’s indictments, convictions and continuing threats against federal law enforcement, democracy and domestic tranquility.
    Explain why the NM GOP obstructs stricter gun laws consistent with the 2nd Amendment in the face of mass shootings, and why red states with loose gun laws have higher homicide rates than blue states.

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