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Albuquerque, January 27—Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement today on his support of Ronna McDaniel as RNC Chairwoman:

“As the RNC chair race comes to a close, I want to share my reasons for supporting Ronna McDaniel in her race as RNC Chairwoman. 

First, I want to thank those who wrote to me and expressed their support for a different candidate in this race. I take all of your concerns seriously. Toward that end, I spoke with Harmeet Dhillon on the phone and met with Mike Lindell to listen to their ideas and concerns in detail. Even though they did not get my vote, I look forward to their continued contributions to the RNC.

Going into a very competitive 2024, Ronna McDaniel is the right choice to keep the momentum strong. Under her steady leadership, she has built one of the most robust infrastructures the RNC has ever seen.

This has resulted in the following:

  • The RNC made massive investments in election integrity. The RNC had 80,000 poll watchers nationwide in 2022. The RNC also took on many election integrity lawsuits, spending $30 million to fight for these cases, resulting in wins across several states. The RNC also worked to close election loopholes that Democrats exploited in 2020. 
  • The RNC made significant strides with voter registration and GOTV efforts. The RNC grew its mail outreach from 3.5 million people to 50 million.
  • In 2022, Republicans won every battleground state – if it were a presidential year, we would have won the electoral college with 297 votes. Republicans also won the popular vote by 4 million votes, and finally, we took the majority in the House of Representatives.

Ronna McDaniel understands the needs of state parties and what will help them succeed, which is another reason she earned my vote. She launched the GROW program, which invested an unprecedented $45 million into state and local parties to help build their infrastructure. RPNM completed the GROW program last year, which we, in turn, used to help strengthen our county parties. In addition, the RNC invested in creating Community Centers for state parties nationwide to help with voter outreach, especially in minority communities. The RNC opened two Community Centers in New Mexico, one in the South Valley of Albuquerque and one in Las Cruces. This resulted in significant gains in minority voter engagement and turnout for Republicans. 

I want to congratulate Ronna McDaniel on her successful campaign. We will see great things happen for the RNC and New Mexico under her leadership. Let us unite and support Chairwoman McDaniel for a strong 2024!”

  • JH Cole says:

    Mr. Pearce’s comments show why the GOP lost so badly in NM; he thinks he lives in a fact-free world.

    —The 2020 elections were deeply disappointing to Republicans, not “momentum strong.”

    —Nearly all of the $30m the GOP spent on election integrity lawsuits resulted in losses, most of them with scathing comments from judges.

    —He wrote “. . .Republicans won every battleground state. . .” which means he’s given up on New Mexico where they lost everything in sight.

    The story linked below gives a more accurate account of the mud-wrestling in Dana Point.

    My guess for the real reason he voted for Ms. McDaniel is that, like him, she did not address the topic of Donald Trump.

  • Richard Grimes says:

    I will no longer support the RNC financially. The RNC did not support some candidates in close races and now say they lost because they were bad candidates. I am unconvinced that the RNC has truly addressed election integrity in a meaningful way. Holding the annual meeting at a lavish venue in California is stunningly tone deaf and raises questions of stewardship of the people’s money. This feels like the country club Republican Party that has and continues to ignore the people. I would need to see significant change to reverse my decision.

    • Censor me says:

      ” I am unconvinced that the RNC has truly addressed election integrity: Rick Grimes

      The way I see it there are two mutually exclusive explanations for the RNC’s failure to secure our elections.

      One explanation is that the can’t. Think about 2020, how did Trump loose and fail to expose the fraud of the election while being the most powerful man in the world with strong allies in congress and in state governments?

      If Democrats can steal the election from a current president then they are clearly already masters of our political systems and there is no point to voting or donating to the RNC.


      Explanation two is the RNC is lying, in a really big way, some might even call it “the big lie”.

      In this scenario Republicans simply lie when they loose elections to save face with their anti American base.

      In which case there is still no reason to vote for them or donate money.

  • Justice for J6 says:

    Never forget 911 and never forgive J6. The violent insurrection on J6 was just the in person portion of a larger conspiracy to over turn the 2020 presidential election. It was an anti-American coup against the Constitution and the will of the people.

    Spreading lies about American elections has real world consequences which include violence and the destruction of the Republic, it can and is happening here in America.

    It is happening right here in New Mexico.

    Consider Solomon Pena the looser RPNM candidate who was recently arrested for a bunch of drive by shootings in ABQ. Is that personal responsibility? Is this how the GOP gets tough on crime? By loosing elections by landslides then violently attacking the winning party? This is what election denial brings. There are and will be further consequences for millions of Conservatives being convinced of this lie.

    John Eastman, the idea man, behind the 2020 coup lives in Santa Fe and is good pals with Steve Peearce. Peearce and several other members of RPNM attempted to submit fake electors for the electoral college to elect Trump president even though New Mexico voters rejected him.

    Fake electors in NM: Jewell Powdrell, Deborah W. Maestas, Lupe Garcia, Rosie Tripp, Anissa Ford-Tinnin, Harvey Yates

    One member RPNM has provided a good example for America, an example that could save the Republic and prevent civil war. I am talking about Coupy Griffin of Ortero County. Recently Griffin has been bared from ever holding office using the 14th Amendment of the united states.

    This is the only way forward for America, the 14th Amendment must be applied to everyone who has ever provided support for the coup or the big lie.

    It’s time to end the GOP and start over.

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