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Albuquerque, November 15—The Republican Party of New Mexico would like to point out that a member of the Republican Party circulated a bogus email in an effort to boot Chairman Steve Pearce and Executive Director Kim Skaggs from their offices. 
It’s dismaying that two major New Mexico newspapers reported on this phony email without any verification. The media has the responsibility to check and confirm facts and at least try to contact the author of such a message before publishing.
RPNM has combed through records, voter rolls and has checked numerous sources, but there is no record anywhere of a James Navarette. So bogus was this message that the author even misspelled the phony name at the bottom of the email—Navarrette. 
The email, sent to hundreds of people affiliated with the Republican Party of New Mexico, launched unjustified attacks on Pearce and Skaggs. This was simply a cowardly smear campaign, a weak, juvenile effort to undermine Pearce, Skaggs and the RPNM.
It is possible that this bogus email came from a disgruntled party officer with personal political aspirations in mind. RPNM’s State Central Committee members will elect their next Chairman and officers in Las Cruces next month.
“Hiding behind such a fake email and criticizing the RPNM Executive Director, who has donated an entire year of her time to the party, is a despicable act,” said Pearce. “It’s dishonest, seedy and shows a nadir of character. I can accept fair criticism, but this sneaky tactic of an email under a pseudonym is about as cowardly and low as you can get. RPNM has built a good management team of elected officers, is building solid county infrastructure in many counties and is set to appear in front of the New Mexico Supreme Court in January to argue the case against the egregious gerrymandering that Speaker Brian Egolf and the progressive Democrats passed through the last legislative session. It is my intent to run again for Chairman of RPNM to continue to build the party.”
“To see your name dragged in mud like this was horrible,” said Skaggs. “And to hide behind a phony email to get out a message like this was disgraceful. I suspect this email came from someone who is thirsty for his own political power and really doesn’t care about the values, principles and mission of RPNM.”
The Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) advances the ideals of individual liberties for the advancement of its citizens and the greater prosperity of our communities throughout New Mexico. Led by an Executive Board and its Chairman, former NM Congressman Steve Pearce, RPNM serves all New Mexicans via its headquarters in Albuquerque and can be contacted at (505) 298-3662.

  • JH Cole says:

    Ah, Republicans of many stripes all acting like MAGAts. A slimy dissident cheated to attack officers, and the officers whine like wounded cats about it.

    Nobody needs to smear RPNM “leaders” because they do a great job of that already, by their silence about Trump team’s crimes and their failure to condemn the attempt to torture Speaker Polosi.

    The smear themselves every day by not trying to analyze–in this space to their loyal members–the thumping Dems gave them last week; they smear themselves by not saying what they learned and how they will change strategy. Executive Director Skaggs lost her race in her home district, for heaven’s sake, and they won’t even open a conversation about it.

    The slimy cheater is right: RPNM needs real leaders.

  • 14th or death says:

    KRQE News 13: End of the road? Couy Griffin’s appeal dismissed by NM Supreme Court.

    • Kristin Cunnar says:

      Couy Griffin needs to appeal this decision all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. I do not believe that a U.S. citizen’s right to run for office should be taken as a form of punishment because this is cruel and unusual form of punishment. I have spent 7 months as a political prisoner in my own home because I wrote about a video where a former candidate can be identified in the intro as benefiting from DACA. This individual never should have been on the ballot. After winning in court against the individual, I am elated because free speech rocks!

      • Respect the Constitution says:

        So your for the 1st amendment but not the 14th? Respect the whole Constitution.

      • Tough on crime says:

        Coupy Griffin and all those seeking to stop the rightful transfer of power, throw out the vote and destroy American democracy should be hung.

        When people show you who they are believe them the first time. Conservatives should not get a second shot at killing American democracy. It’s time to get tough on crime and hang traitors high.

  • JH Cole says:

    Nine days after and still no guts to explain the big losses!

  • Kristin Cunnar says:

    The bogus email suggests that the person cannot state his or her opinion out of concern that his identity would be made known. This is spinning and toiling. My gut reaction is that it was made by an individual that is a false prophet. Why did I go to UNM? I would have been better off attending an out of state college that was all white. I have never earned over $28,000, and I am 53 years old with no retirement fund. I am in debt with student loans. In case you forgot, I am the former graduate that wrote to you about UNM Health Sciences refusing to hire people that were not bilingual to be Outreach for the homeless. The other day, I was driving on Lomas when I saw an Anglo homeless man with what looked to be frostbite on his nose. It took me several phone calls to 911 because 911 does not consider frostbite to be life threatening. It turned out to be cancer which is also life threatening. The Anglo male also had been limping. When the Fire Department showed up, the Anglo male refused treatment. I do not know if it was because the majority of medical and police were Hispanic. Maybe the Latino/Hispanic movement should use their narcissistic attitudes to have empathy for those who are Anglos and need to feel compatible with fellow Anglos for a change. I believe that the former N.M. Congressman got it right in his new book when he writes about the destructive effects of advocacy journalism. Bingaman writes:
    “A powerful emerging media element is “advocacy journalism.” Bingaman declares in the book that some in the media “blatantly advocate a position” or disguise their advocacy as reporting and in doing so fail to report the facts or the..”
    I only bring this up because of shame on KOAT news for trying to instill the word “Latino” in its audience. Where in the bible does it say the word, “Latino?” This is a form of idolatry from false prophets that the bible warns us about. Please do not follow “Latinos,” but instead follow the precepts of God. How dare the Latino/Hispanic movement deprive Anglos of jobs in the field of Outreach? Most people like myself who are Anglo just want to be taught something in the form of job training. How on earth did I get the message that I am only valued at $15 to 17.50 per hour? What is even worse is the Banking Institutes that only are hiring Latinos/Hispanics. Look around at the bank tellers. This only leads to a downright denial of jobs in the banking industry for Anglos. Not to mention the extra set of non Latino/Hispanic eyes that might blow the whistle on the higher interest rates being charged on banking loans. I have never owned my own home. Daily, I receive constant media reminders of the importance of Latinos/Hispanics. Please stop taking student loans from Anglos because UNM will just brainwash them to give their dreams away to Latinos/Hispanics. A general rule of thumb is the following: If your school cannot be your employer, then do not become educated by it. Thank you.


    Kristin Cunnar

    • Conservative advisor says:


      Something I have learned from years of being a conservative is if life is not going your way a poor person or a racial minority is probably to blame.

      Conservative male

      • Kristin Cunnar says:

        All I am suggesting is that to race worship can be a form of idolatry that the bible warns humans about. Humans are imperfect, and God is perfect. That is something that I have learned along the way.

  • Kristin Cunnar says:

    Anytime there is race worship, I believe that there is a problem. For example, the KKK in the South which my independent research helped to reopen some 1960’s closed cases. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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